“Ava, not right now now!”

I opened the hotel room door shirtless and saw Breann, Lena and Clare. Their awkward stares and curled lips left me struggling for an explanation. Lena drawled sarcastically.

“Your wife gave us permission to kidnap you. I guess just in time?”

I smiled and looked for a shirt.

“Sorry, I was about to go to sleep.”

Breann forced a smile and let me know their mischievious plans.

“Since we only have one night in New York, we’re going to get tattoos and get drunk. The tattoo place won’t let us get drunk first. “

Clare seemed giddy with the tattoo notion.

“We’re going to get roman numerals for how we were all born or made or whatever. Lena’s 3, I’m 4, you’re 5, and baby girl Breann is 6.”

Getting a tattoo nor getting drunk worried me. I was interested. But getting it decided for me turned me off.

“Girls, why don’t we just go get some drinks and talk about how screwed up all of this seems.”

As I turned toward my suitcase, Breann stepped by my right side. She leaned in and whispered.

“Have you done something awful with Ava? I don’t know your body language well enough to make that call?”

I wasn’t offended by the question. I knew I looked guilty of something.

“Hey guys, can you two wait downstairs. I just need to talk with Breann for a few minutes. I’ll buy the first round.”

They mumbled into the hallway til they reached the elevator. I sat down on the bed and put my face in my hands.

“I haven’t slept with her. We’ve exchanged kisses and crossed some emotional lines. I’m going to tell Shane when I get back. I told Ava I would do the surgery with her and Cluber in January. That doesn’t mean I’m not supportive or connected to you and Lena and Clare. I want to track down Bruce, Connor Bulas, and Lucas again. But I have to get keep myself alive for my family.”

Breann sighed and sat on the bed next to me. She straightened her shoulders, pulled her hair behind her ears and started talking.

“The first time I ever got into a relationship with another woman was the best thing and worst thing together. It saved my life at first then nearly killed me while it lasted. I see similarities with you and Ava so I think it’s relatable.

She leaned back on the bed and stared at the ceiling, wistfully.

“I met Eleanor in college. Just like you and Ava. Our boyfriends played lacrosse at Seton Hall. We would go watch their matches. She was more cute than pretty. She was tall, blondeandt she had those eyes.,you know, like Ava’s; blue, deep, and completely wicked. We flirted a few times. After we broke up with those guys we didn’t see each other for almost two years. I graduated and got my first journalism job at the Newark Register. I worked the lifestyle section. For some stupid reason I was doing runner stuff, like research, but less important, on a story about restaurants owned by celebrities. Eleanor was a sous chef at this Asian place owned by that guy in those Rush Hour movies. Not Jackie Chan but the one who’s not as funny as Chris Rock. When I saw Eleanor I was just taken. She was engaged to a guy but I guess we just were in each other’s head or something. Eleanor dumped her fiance for a while and we were attached at the hip for months. It was out in the open. I even took her to my office Christmas party at the Register. We had sex in my copy editor’s office.”

I rolled my eyes and put my shirt on. I realized Breann was sharing something vital.

“Dude, that’s too much, really. We’re like kind of brother and sister, you know?.”

Breann laughed, sat up on the bed, hit me in the arm and kept talking.

“Eleanor liberated me. I was myself 24-7. I didn’t care that people knew I was in love with a woman. Well, I was in lust with El, not love, but the point is, I didn’t hide from anything. She was bad news, though. I was a fling for her. By the time it was all over, her fiance took her back on the condition she never contact me and vice versa. I lost my job at the Register because El made me look so reckless. A couple of years later I ran into her out somewhere in the city. El acted like the past never happened. She hit on me, even though she was married. We saw each other on and off for about three months. Nothing sexual happened but it was just wrong. I think her husband found out or Eleanor got bored. She stopped calling me and I moved to another part of the city. I swore I would never let myself or anyone I cared about go through that. The next three or four women I dated paid for the sins of Eleanor. I know some of this is different than what you are going through with Ava. They do have the same eyes and disregard of morality. Ava doesn’t respect you or Shane or me or anyone else that matters. By the time this is all over, she will destroy your happiness.”

I understood. I felt closer to Breann. I walked over to the bathroom and finished getting ready. By the time I reappeared in the foyer, she was crying.

“Thanks for telling me about Eleanor. When I get back home, I’ll figure out a way for my family to come first in all of this. That includes you.”

Breann hugged me. I felt the wetness of her eyes on my neck. I squeezed her tightly and whsipered in her ear.

“It we did olde english designs it would look better.”

Breann let go of me and wiped her brown eyes dry.

“We should get tramp stamps saying ‘deliver us from evil women’.”

I pushed Breann out the door as she was laughing and looked down at my phone. Ava was calling. I hit ignore.

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