Running With The Devil

Ava and I fell asleep on the flight to North Dakota. I woke with her blonde hair draped over my right arm. It reminded me of a trip we took together to Miami in college. I pushed her head away and went to the lavatory.

I returned to Ava smiling seductively.

“Caleb, I almost followed to the back. It could have been like our Miami experience.”

I just wanted to stay focused on our business in Langdon.

“Av, I’ll split the difference with you. You  be my doctor on this trip and I’ll talk about something else when we get back.”

*****blogger’s note*** This is my answer to velvet verbosity’s 100 word challenge at  The one word prompt is SPLIT. It is also a new story episode. You can find the rest of the story here:

Today’s song is what played in my head while I wrote this. Caleb is running with the devil in more ways than one. Now, he’s left the door wide open for Ava. Here’s Diamond Dave when he was his best with Van Halen. I love this album and I love David Lee Roth. Here’s Running With The Devil