During a 55 minute layover in Minneapolis, I bought a hoodie and a Minnesota Twins baseball cap. The cold weather was difficult in Minnesota. It was supposed to be brutal in North Dakota. I ditched Ava while she paid for her items to text Breann from the restroom. Before Ava and I left for Atlanta I sent Breann the only information I knew.

_”12 hour drive to Langdon, ND. CBulas there”_

I walked to the last stall and called her. She picked up on the first ring.

“Dude, I better get a boob job, some liposuction and a new heart. The ride from Montana to North Dakota is ridiculously boring. I want extras!”

I laughed quietly. Someone walking lightly entered the sink area. I couldn’t see if they were female or a child. I whispered my response.

“I can’t talk. Google food silos and genetic engineered crops in Langdon. That’s where we are going. We should be there 3 or 4 hours.”

I could hear Breann pulling her car over to the side of the road. She was writing.

“I know I’m not invited. I will stay back until you call in the New York calvalry. You sound as beat as I am.”

I was feverish, aching, and my chest was hurting. It was a struggle to talk.

“I’m not waiting for January. Let’s kick some ass in Langdon.”

Ava and I landed in Grand Forks and rented a Chevy Impala. The trunk and back seat were huge. She took some pills from her chest.

“Caleb, take these and get some sleep while I drive.”

I glared at Ava wondering why she had them in her bra.

“Oh good grief. I had two codeine left at home. I saw you wincing. I put them in my underwear to get through security. It’s all I have to help til we get to Connor Bulas. You need some sleep.”

A whistling wind from a poorly closed car door woke me. I saw Ava speaking to a man in a blue uniform. He was a large, maybe 6’4″, with a thick black mustache, a dark blue baseball cap, and a holster on his right hip holding a gun. I got out and walked toward them. Ava turned to me and yelled.

“Get back in the car now! Do it!”

I thought she was overreacting. I put my hands in my hoodie pockets to get them warm.

“What’s the big deal? Are we going inside here or somewhere else?”

A heaviness came behind me. A sharp pain shot across my neck. My entire body felt like it cramped. My arms dropped to my side and I lost control of my legs. I heard Ava crying. The cold conquered me. I blacked out.

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