Sweet Tea Philosophy

It is Sunday morning. The clock reads 9:51 am. Bobina and Tay have gone back to bed. Bug and Goose are away with their other families. I’m drinking the last glass of cold sweet tea, although I’m brewing more, and eating a thick roast beef sandwich. It resembles breakfast. I’m writing this blog post after spending an hour editing over 1500 words of the Crazy Robot Stories. No, I won’t tell you what happens next. In between those writing exercsies, I read a few passages of Ephesians in my Bible, because I am not going to church.

I try to avoid the heavy lifting of politics and religion in My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. I’m not here to anger, argue, or aggravate. My relationship with God is good, I believe, but my attitude toward attending church is as poor as it has been in six years. There are reasons for my coldness to being in a building with other worshipers listening to someone who may or may not have my best interests in salvation. I will not go into them. If I do, that brings the trolls from under the bridge and its’ like the one Dennis de Young named his crappy band after.

I’ve been reading a lot about non denominational churches and about being a christian that doesn’t attend. I know I can still go to heaven, I know my children aren’t damned because their mom and dad have a bad taste in thei mouths about organized worship with people in nice clothes. What I struggle with is understanding what I am supposed to represent as  a Christian. My wife is happy. My children are happy and well behaved. I’m doing well at work. The reviews on my husbandry and parenting are about 72 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Can I be a good husband and father if I declare Sunday a day of rest and relaxation and not a day to slip on slacks and maybe a tie and join a couple hundred of my closet aquaintances?

My cousin, Jacob, has helped create a new church in Cartersville, Georgia called The Well. He and his fellow pastors are helping people in a positive way. But even he gets fed up with what Baptist churches have become over our lifetime. I admire the velvet gloved approach his group is applying. They have grown into a medium sized juggernaut in about 3 to 4 years without much publicity.

I just finished my glass of sweet tea. That’s what you drink in the south. It’s reason number 8 why I’ll never have abs. I’m going to read two more sections of Ephesians and let my wife and daughter sleep. When they wake, I’ll work on being an example to them without taking them to a building of people dressed for the occasion.

God Bless you and your Sunday.

Today’s song is one of my favorite Oasis songs. I know I use thema  lot. But on days, like today, when I need something musical to speak to me, Noel Gallagher comes through. Here’s Sunday Morning Call….