The Joker and The Thief

It’s a slow morning at work. The last thing someone as weird and anxious as me needs, is plenty of time and idle hands. I purposely get into work an hour earlier than everyone. The reasons for this is; time to read, time to write, and time to think.

I often call myself a robot or a robot-human hybrid. This is part truth because I think I’m wired much differently than most of you. It’s part fiction, because I choose something sarcastically symbolic as cybernetics to highlight my oddness despite the fact I have parents, birth certificate, blood, and guts. I am unlike my wife, kids, friends, parents, and coworkers. Very much so.

The clock read 8 o’clock a.m. and while waiting for phone calls to be returned and emails to be answered, I looked down at my notebook and saw me changing the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower,  to “make them better”. Really, dude? It’s Uncle Bob. He is “better”. The man took some phrases from The Book of Isaiah, poeticized them, and wrote an allegory about the evils of the music business juxapositioned against the freedom art provides. For a moment in time I thought I could make Bob’s words clearer.

I want to know the identities of the joker and thief. Many people think it’s Jesus and the thief across from him on the cross. Others insist it’s Dylan and Elvis (who was accused of stealing his act from black musicians). I want the joker to be the people who “get it” and the thief to be people “who don’t get it”. I want the song to be a battle cry for people who think like I do against people who don’t me and the few of my kind.

I’m reading about the Penn State situation and not grasping why everyone involved isn;t fired or imprisoned. We had a referendum on Sunday alcohol sales that 20 voting places including my county, Gwinnett in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, passed. I’m shaking my head at why where I live could be so backward at not providing the choice to voters before now. I look at the Billboard 100 music charts and think to myself, “is everyone stupid?”

My friend Tara wrote something today taht you all should read several times over: It’s really well done and I don’t want to spoil the reading goodness, but what Tara and in a different, I’m saying, is thank you Al Gore for the internets. Instead of a rubber room with crayons, juice boxes, and plastic untensils, I get to blog in central heat and air with an occasional burrito to almost 100 people a day who are as crazy as I am. *waving*

“There must be some way out of here” said the joker to the thief
“There’s too much confusion”, I can’t get no relief.

That’s perfect, no need to deal with it any more, robot boy. It’s definitely a 2 pill day for me, today.

Today’s song is obvious. I want you to pay attention to the words so Jimi Hendrix’s version will wait for another day. Here’s the greatest songwriter of all time, Bob Dylan, with All Along The Watchtower.


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11 responses to “The Joker and The Thief

  1. I’m going to get strung up for this, but I think Hendrix’s version takes away from the poetry and I am a lyrics-and-music-tangled-up-to-make-each-other-stronger kind of girl.

    Thanks for the Dylan. And the insight.

  2. Are you in my head? It’s simultaneously crowded and eerily vacant, but this post is completely right on. There must be some sort of universal plot against inner peace this week, as it seems to be a trend.

    Like you, I also get to work an hour early to get stuff done. Today the weather is shit and I can’t go for a walk, work is slow and time I could be spending doing something–anything–else is time spent stuck in a chair watching the clock. People and things are frustrating me, but more than that, I’m just annoyed with myself and lack of creativity and contentment right now with a lot of things.

    If I had your pills, it would be a two-pill day…or three.

    Keep on with the crazy, as you’re so not alone.

  3. Thanks for the shout out my friend. We are not so different, you and I. We want to be able to share honestly with our friends, and know that they feel free to do the same with us.

    My ‘hour early’ is when I wake up before anyone else in my house. During that time I read, answer emails and write.

  4. I have to have my quiet, alone time each day to (as I always say it) “recharge my batteries”. I must have a little robot in me too. Except my robot side stays up later than everyone else to accomplish this alone time.

    I’m loving this song tonight.

  5. Turns out being high on cold medicine for a week knocks the introspection right out of you. All I hear is the low hum of congestion in my head. A raspy rattle from my lungs provides the beat. Hm. I guess if I was still shaking with fever I’d be a U2 album.

  6. I’m just glad you’re more entertaining than Marvin. :-) Though lord knows I’ve had my Marvin moments, and I bet you have, too.

    I don’t listen to Dylan enough. Amazingly, M didn’t know until just recently that All Along The Watchtower was Dylan’s song. When he told me that, I looked at him and wondered what rock he’s been hiding under all his life.

    For me, the joker is me, and so is the thief. They’re two parts of me that don’t contribute to me being a happy person. Strong joker and thief days are bad days. Luckily, they’ve been quiet for a while now and most days are pretty OK lately.

  7. I prefer Jimi’s version, but I see what you’re saying. This was a strange week. The Penn State news is making me mental. My music experience o’ the week was my first solo Sting concert in 20 years. I was both pleasantly surprised and disappointed.

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