Ball of Confusion

Last time with Helene Troy:

Helene left Jackson’s hug and opened the men’s bathroom door. She exchanged smiles with Dawn, mouthed “thank you” and grasped the slick neck of the opened bottle of Jack Daniels. Waving to Jackson she watched him kiss Dawn goodbye and took a large swig. Pausing to lick droplets of  whiskey from her lips, the new acquaintance flanked her left side. They strode through a busy corridor of men waiting for the bathroom and patrons milling about. Dawn leaned into Helene and yelled over the loudness of the rock club.

“I took a couple of shots out of your bottle! Consider that payment for the halter you’re wearing!

Helene grinned and looked toward the bar. She surveyed the crowd for the person she wanted to see, Ramona, and people never wanted to see again, Darcy and Mara. Dawn’s loud New Jersey dialect projected through the noise.

“If you’re looking for that guy with the gorgeous long dark hair and smokin’ bod, he’s on the other side of the bar! He’s why I wasn’t worried about you being in a bathroom with my boyfriend!”

Helene nibbled her top lip, took another drink from the bottle then yelled.

“Take me to him!”

Helene’s vision focused on Xander leaning against a bar stool. A few feet away, she caught Xander’s eye as he finished a sip of a long neck beer. He gave a huge smile.

“Helene! You were brilliant onstage!”

She looked at Dawn, who yelled.

“The final payment for that halter is every detail of the nasty things you do to him, later!”

Helene rolled her eyes at the awkwardness of the conversation. She walked to Xander’s broad shoulders and with her open hand pulled strands of long brown hair behind her right ear.

“Glad you made it, Xander! Take me somewhere before this moment gets more cheap and stupid?”

She turned to Dawn and mouthed “thank you” then touched Xander’s left hand. He grasped hers and they looked for a quieter place to talk.

This is another story episode of The Ballad of Helene Troy. You can find the rest of the story, so far, here:

It;s my response to For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Supermaren challenged me with “An awkward conversation between acquaintances” and I challenged Sir with “Create an alter ego (first and last name) and a penpal or family member to write to (also an alter ego, first and last name). Deliver 500 words in the form of an email desribing your life as that alter ego.” and my answer to Trifecta Writing “cheap”

Today’s song is perfect for this installment. The lyrics, title, feel, and style work. Thanks to Marian for the suggestions. It’s Ball of Confusion from Love and Rockets

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19 responses to “Ball of Confusion

  1. I think this evening one of those big defining experiences for Helene–choosing to wear what she wants, killing the performance, leaving with Xander, and not continuing to seek out Ramona. She’s becoming herself more and more.

    I just hope she doesn’t break Xander’s heart.

  2. Oh, poor Xander. I just have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach she’s going to rip his heart out.

    Dawn is growing on me. Maybe she can become a cool chick-friend for Helene to hang with.

  3. xander can take care of myself. i like dawn, too. she can come live on the commune.
    oops, did i say that? i guess i’m inviting dawn into my little world. that’s what the world is today, hey, hey.

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  5. I love and hate going to loud concerts – love the music, HATE trying to have conversations while there :) You definitely drew a great picture of the awkwardness of that particular shouted-conversation. I like Xander, I hope she doesn’t hurt him too much.

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