She’s A Beauty

I walked by and saw her cavorting with vampires. She’s compelled by their beauty, both male and female. I roll my eyes and walked into the other room. Her legs spreading out on the couch makes my face light up. Her painted pink toes are wiggling as she’s connected to the stories intensely. After I’ve walked away, I hear her sexy laugh. A dog, a cat, and a brightened kitchen greet me in yellow sunlight. Distracted by pets on one leg and another leg, I turned and saw bright lights flicker continously. Pretty witches populated the television. My wife’s tastes are scary.

Welcome to the first edition of Mad Libs with Write on Edge!All you need to do for now is make a list of 30 words, per the part of speech list below.

1) noun
2) noun
3) noun
4) noun
5) -ing verb
6) noun
7) -ing verb
8 ) body part (plural)
9) -ing verb
10) body part
11) adjective
12) noun
13) adjective
14) -ed verb
15) adverb
16) -ed verb
17) adjective
18) noun
19) noun
20) noun
21) adjective
22) -ed verb
23) noun
24) noun
25) -ed verb
26) adjective
27) verb
28) adverb
29) adjective
30) verb

This is an April Fool’s Day writing exercise from my friends at . I got home from the gym and wrote the first thirty words that surrounded me as my wife watched her favorite vampire and witches television shows.

Today’s song is what I listened to on my way home. It applies to my wife. It was her birthday yesterday. She deserves her own writing excercise. Here’s The Tubes, She’s a Beauty.


19 responses to “She’s A Beauty

  1. It’s so true what OKinUK said about Mad Libs being all about farts or sex. One of my favorite things about this prompt is that no one uses toilet humor like my boys always do!

    I loved your opening line by the way, “I walked by and saw her cavorting with vampires”.

  2. I love this little slice of life, and what a fun prompt! Great job with it. Also, I remember finding The Tubes’ album art to be very intriguing as a child. And I love this song.

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