100 Word Song – Runaway

What a great week for 100 word song. We had another good tune, thanks to Kim at Let Me Start by Saying, and several last minute entries that really pleased Leeroy. One of my favorites came from one of the nicest people on the internets, Kirsten over at The Kir Corner. Her writing is the polar opposite of mine. Romantic, sweet, positive, and without any appearance of grit, she always paints beautiful pictures with her words. Her 100 was very lyrical and really highlighted something in the Red Hot Chili Peppers song that I hadn’t noticed before.


Ok, one of the characters names is Lance. Let’s not get caught up in that. I asked Kirsten to pick this week’s song. Her musical tastes are the opposite of mine as well, so I was expecting something horrid. She chose Runaway by Jefferson Starship. It’s the 70s version of the band with guitar wiz Chad Chaquico so, I approve. Here’s my 100, another Soul To Body episode.

He scooped his arms under Violet and lifted her off the couch in a hug that had her bare feet dangling an inch off the living room hardwood floor. Her glistening face dampened his shirt.

“Violet, loneliness made me do something stupid. I’m so very sorry.”

He lowered her to the ground. Violet didn’t let go. She muttered into his chest.

“I know mom said you could move on, but I wish you’d wait a little bit longer.”

He remembered his wife’s words then whispered into Violet’s soft blonde hair.

“I felt like running away, today. But I came home.”

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Tell a friend or fifty. Let’s try to get more entries and and spread the music love around. Here’s thsi week’s 100 word song from Kirsten and Jefferson Starship, Runaway.