Jenny Was A Friend

More adventures with your favorite serial killer, Millicent -


It wasn’t the first time she’d killed a friend, but it was the only time she’d felt regret. As Jenny twitched from the poison, Millicent wondered how she’d find a chemistry lab partner so late in the semester.


This is a 33 word super short story for Trifecta Writing weekend exercise: Complete the following story in 33 words:

‘It wasn’t the first time.’

You can find more about Millicent here: & here:

Today’s song is a tribute to Millicent friendly victim Here’s The Killers Jenny Was A Friend.

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36 responses to “Jenny Was A Friend

    • funny thing is, this story is 9 months old. the favorite line of people who’ve read it is “tell me about your first time”.


  1. Oh Millicent, you hurt so bad girlfriend. It’s really the way you write her, it’s impossible to hate her, but wow, I never want to get on the bad side of that woman. (although I might steal her Prada suits and Shoes before I run away !)

    in just 38 words, my heart stopped …that’s some good writing my friend.

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