Mr. Writer

Writing breaks the ice, soothes the pain, companions the loneliness, chambers the echoes, debates the voices,  harnesses the talent, welcomes the insanity, satisfies the want, and knows the man. So, I keep going.

****blogger’s note*****

Trifecta Writing’s weekend challenge is called Trifextra. They asked me to tell them and you, why I write in 33 words.

Here’s a great song by the underrated band, Stereophonics, with Mr. Writer.

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27 responses to “Mr. Writer

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  2. “Welcomes the insanity” hits a big chord with me because the idea is almost always crazy until it gets organized. As I write this, though, I wonder whether organizing is always a good thing. Hmm. Nice!

  3. I’m late to the game, but I like this. I also don’t know that I could keep my reply to 33 words or that it wouldn’t have included profanity.

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