Last Cheer

A steady November downpour was no match for the tears that streamed over her face as the stadium clock displayed zeroes and the score proclaimed a brutal truth. Despite a damaged ankle, adrenaline took over.

I watched my seventeen-year-old cheerleader daughter feel the sands of her life shift. Four years of a demanding sport were done. In her face was relief and sadness. She could heal, concentrate on school and decide where she’d spend her next four years.

I leaned over a wire fence, wetted from the constant fall rain, and snapped iPhone pictures as she made her final cheer.


******blogger’s note*****

Tonight, my daughter’s high school football team lost their second round playoff game 42-28. It was her final cheerleading event. All 100 words are true life, non-fiction.

I linked this up to my friend ‘s “sands” word prompt for 100 words. I’m posting a song she likes so maybe I can guarantee she’ll read this or at least click the video. Here’s Lorde’s Royals. The tune fits the post.

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The Passenger

I seem to be everywhere but here, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, these days. As my partners in writing crime, Linda aka @modmomelleroy and Jen aka @jenkehl grow our music site I’m pleasantly surprised by where that’s going. Eight days ago, I saw Lisa Marie Presley (@lisapresley )in concert at one of my favorite venues, Eddie’s Attic ( @eddiesatic ) in Decatur, Georgia. The review I wrote for ROTR on Friday was picked up by Lisa Marie’s personal website yesterday . It has over 1,000 likes on her Book o Face page .

My other internet writing criminal syndicate, Linda again, , of course, and Natalie aka @singingfool1224 , is preparing for the launch of Lefty Pop, a politics and pop culture website in early January. For now, you can follow us on The Twitter @lefty_pop or follow us on the Book with all of the Faces . We are hoping to be Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity’s worst nightmares.

My friend Kath aka @katstheory has a music site of her own she writes for. They asked me to review one of the best John Lennon books I’ve read, Lennon: The Man The Myth The Music by NPR music critic Tim Riley. It’s 661 pages I read a couple of years ago so if you need a synopsis and a reason to check out a cool site called Earth Hertz aka @earthhertz check out my review there, posted today .

We’ll get back to more regularly scheduled programming this week, with new story episodes of Silas and Olive, on the run in Florida in 1989 through prompts for Trifecta Writing aka @trifectawriting, Velvet Verbosity aka @velvetverbosity and 100 word song. If you would like to pick the song for this week, leave your request in the comments or tweet me – @lanceburson.

If you felt like a passenger on a weird ride with this mostly self-serving “hey look at me” post, then so did I. Remember Dr. Seuss’ last book, “Oh The Places You’ll Go!”. Well please click on the links provided, “Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed. (98¾% guaranteed.)”

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I Don't Like Mondays Blog Hop

Here’s Iggy Pop.

Are you looking for something interesting and music driven to read? I have two for you. My books, The Ballad of Helene Troy, an underdog story about a female musician in New York City, and Soul To Body, about an ex-1990s guitar player trying to raise his teenage daughter after the death of his wife, her mother, are available, digitally, on for your kindles, and in paperback from


100 Word Song – Opportunities

I’m overwhelmed with Opportunities so today’s 100 word song is a little late and chosen by Leeroy. I’m working on a new website about politics and pop culture called Lefty Pop. I’m tri-founding it with Linda aka @modmomelleroy of and Natalie aka @singingfool1224 of . It will replace the writing I did for Sprocket Ink. We’ll have a major announcement of it’s launch soon but for now follow it on the Twitter @lefty_pop or like it on the book with all the faces . It’s tag line is Suckers For Politics And Pop Culture. We’ll tell you more, later. I’ll continue to write my Thursday column for Raised On The Radio . Tomorrow is my review of the Lisa Marie Presley show from Sunday night.

For today’s 100 word song Leeroy chose Opportunities, the mid 1980s hit from Pet Shop Boys. It fits Silas and Olive. The plot thickens as Silas prepares the drug running red 1977 cutlass’ next adventure.

It’s also linked up with my friend Velvet’s word “bend”

Last time:

Silas absorbed the coolness of the thick blue carpet on his over-heated toes. Olive walked into the bedroom assigned to them. He grabbed socks and shoes from the floor. After putting them on he patted the bed. She sat next to him.

“Liv, I’m driving into Tampa. It’s like two hours. I’m delivering stuff then meeting someone.”

He leaned over and kissed the bend of her neck then Olive whispered.

“I’m going with you. There’s a club I can work at, there. We’ll make lots of money quicker and get the hell out of here. I’ll explain on the drive.”

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As always you have 7 days from NOW, to write 100 words inspired by Opportunities by Pet Shop Boys. Leeroy refuses to close the link, he’s punk rock like that, so if you miss a week, write anyway. Tell a friend or 50 via the medias that social. Remind me to comment. GO GO GO.

100 Word Song – Above And Below

Since I’m late and busy today, I’ll make 100 word song short, sweet, easy, and ready. Kath aka @katstheory picked today’s tune, The Bravery’s Above & Below. . Please go see her and thank her for a cool song and read her fine work.

For my 100 we go back to Silas and Olive on the run in Ft. Myers, Florida in 1989. We were introduced to Bart last week, and this week we will read a lot more about him. I went for more of a straight lyrical interpretation with my 100.

I’m also linking up with my friend Velvet’s ‘s “rare” word prompt.

Last time:

An unusual shiver waved over Silas as he turned to see a tall, thin raven-haired man lighting a Camel Rare between his bony fingers. Bart hissed through smoke rolling from his thin lips.

“What’s that you’re driving? A 75, 76 cutlass?”

Silas slouched and responded.

“It’s a ’77, it belonged to my Uncle. He gave it to me when we left Georgia.”

Bart walked over to the top rail of the wooden deck and looked over the back yard.

“Yeah, man, I don’t need to know. I told Zola the same. If you’re not running you’re standing still.”

Silas felt his regret disappear.

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As always you have 7 days from now to write 100 words inspired by The Bravery’s Above & Below. Please tell a friend or 50 then link up with my linky below. Thank you for playing 100 word song.

Are you looking for something interesting and music driven to read? I have two for you. My books, The Ballad of Helene Troy, an underdog story about a female musician in New York City, and Soul To Body, about an ex-1990s guitar player trying to raise his teenage daughter after the death of his wife, her mother, are available, digitally, on for your kindles, and in paperback from




Unless you’re a writer who posts content every day or every other day, you have no clue how difficult a blog can be. It’s not West Virginia coal mining or being deployed in Afghanistan to be shot at by Taliban but it’s hard. With the millions of web pages that are out there, finding stuff to type that doesn’t suck can be nerve-wracking.


After three and a half years, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog is suffering it’s fourth or fifth identity crisis. With two books out, The Ballad of Helene Troy and Soul To Body, (found on for kindle and in paperback on…they make lovely Halloween gifts)


based off of serialized fiction born of the blog, I’ve grown worried that this corner of the innerwebz is only a showcase for my short stories or next novella.

I’ve always wanted My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog to more than one thing. I started writing for prompt sites like Trifecta Writing and Velvet Verbosity to challenge my craft and become friends with fellow word nerds to and share ideas. This is how and why I created 100 word song.


With the sad demise of my political and pop culture outlet, Sprocket Ink, last week, I’ve decided I need to bring back the things expressed there, to here. So, starting this week, and continuing through the end of the year, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog’s getting aggressively organized with a schedule.

Mondays – a political and or pop culture hot topic post that will be linked up to #mondayblogs hashtag on The Twitter and my friend Linda aka @modmomelleroy ‘s I Don’t Like Monday’s blgo hop.

Tuesday – Music day. Jen aka @jenkehl ‘s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday will mean a new list of 5 or so songs and accompanying commentary. Prepare to dance or rock out.


Wednesday – 100 Word Song aka #100wordsong. This will be my 100 word contribution to the Silas and Olive story based on whatever song our fellow 100 word song players pick, It will also coincide with Velvet’s 100 word song prompt. This will guarantee a minimum of 433 words of Silas and Olive per week.


Thursday – A 333 word (or whatever the requirement Trifecta announces) of Light of Day, my short story about Silas and Olive, 2 19-year-olds on the run in 1989 Florida. I haven’t decided if this will be made into a novella. But if the response continues to be positive, expect me to make a decision, soon.

retro casette music player and red headphones

Thursdays are also my column deadline for Go check out my stuff there. I edite/run the place with Jen and Linda. This past week was a very well received piece on U2′s religious background and spirituality in their lyrics. Lisa Loeb even blessed one of my columns about her through the Twitter.

Friday – 33 words of whatever the Trifecta “Trifextra” prompt is. This may be another 33 words of Silas and Olive or pretty much anything.

Saturday – This will remain an open day but if the week has a big news story or something cool happen I may toss up a Monday type post on this day. My teenage daughter’s high school basketball season is starting very soon. I’m the team mom/dad/whatever. This means a lot of Friday night and or so Saturday morning games. I may too tired to do anything.

Sunday – Blog updates, Trifextra posts that don’t get up on Friday’s and or potluck.

The way things are shaping up for my family, financially and schedule – teenage daughter graduating high school soon meaning more money and time for myself and my wife – I think attending my first blogging conferences – Blogher and Type A - are solid possibilities in 2014. I’ll deliver more news on this in the coming months.

Also, not being a Sprocket anymore is creating a political/pop culture opportunity that’s in its infancy. Expect some huge news about this in a few weeks. But, I’m pretty excited.


As Lo Fidelity All Stars’ Pigeonhed sings in the 1999 dance rock anthem, Battleflag: Gotta launder my karma, I said hallelujah, to the sixteen loyal fans. And; got a revolution behind my eyes we got to get up and organize.

Thanks for reading, all sixteen or so of you.

100 Word Song – Penitentiary

Since some of you don’t read the medias that are social like The Twitter or the Book with all the Faces, you may not know of the sad news. My time with is over. It will cease to exist as an internet thing this week due to something called real life. It was a huge operation and needed more resources that my boss, the great Nichole aka @michonblog, had available. We worked very hard to write lively, fun, funny, interesting, debatable, and entertaining pieces. It was my other outlet, besides this place, to express my political and pop culture thoughts. So, if you know any online journalistic places looking for a lefty Christian who can rhyme Cruzers with losers, like, hey y’all, I’m available.

I will miss working with Andrea Anthony aka @andygirl, Tracey aka @crazyasnormal, Brahm aka @alfredliveshere, Kath aka @katstheory, Vinny aka @asvinnycsit, angie aka @angieuncovered, sarah aka @ssfrigerio, Jessie aka @jesterqueen, Bre’onna aka @brewrites, Damon aka @Six_FM, Natalie aka @singingfool1224, Linda aka @modmomelleroy, and a few others whose handles I don’t have handy. Please track there people down through the Twitter, their blogs, and the book of face. They’re brilliant, somewhat insane, and my dear friends.

Today’s 100 word song comes from my writing partner and good friend Tara aka @Tara_R from www.thinspiralnotebook. She writes everyday, very well, and so you should have her stuff in your head all the time. She chose Citizen Cope’s Penitentiary from The Clarence Greenwood Recordings of 2004. It’s an excellent CD. Please go see her and listen to Citizen Cope.

For my 100 we go back Silas and Olive in Zola’s basement in Florida about to get hiiiiiiiiiigh and forget what they did in Atlanta. My 100 is also tied to ‘s “invincible”.

Last time:

We need to talk, Olive. Alone.”

Silas hadn’t stood up to her in several days. The invincible look in his eyes signaled her to wave away Zola.

The basement door was left open. A stereo was turned up. The music was soulful, bluesy and loud.

Silas drank from Olive’s rum and coke then said.

“We’re never going to get away with what we did in Atlanta.”

Olive swigged then put the tumbler on the concrete floor. She removed her t-shirt and pulled Silas’ over his head.

“Live in a penitentiary of guilt all you want, baby. But I’m totally free.”

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As always you have 7 days from NOW, to write 100 words only inspired by Citizen Cope’s Penitentiary. Tell a friend or 50. Use Mr. Linky.

100 Word Song – Poor Places

This week’s song is so good, I don’t want to delay the anticipation by typing on and on about liking you people. One of Leeroy’s favorites, Didi aka @seablackwithink, has the honors this week. She chose Poor Places by Wilco, from their legendarily awesome Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. It’s one of my favorite bands, favorite records, and favorite songs. I wrote about 200 words then edited down to 100. My entry is not only a new Silas and Olive, two teenagers on the run in Florida in 1989, episode but also linked up to Velvet Verbosity ‘s “Anonymous” 100 word prompt.

Last time:

Warm water and Olive’s breath found their way into Silas’ tired, poor places. He tried to ask how she’d solved their problems but with each shower spray and sensual touch from his girlfriend, his jaw stopped working. Her voice climbed walls between them.

“Zola says we can stay here for as long as we want. We don’t have to change our names or be anonymous. We can work for her and her boyfriend. They have this town wired.”

A wicked smile danced with seas of tears, streaming down her face. His poor places wanted more attention. He went for kiss.

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As always, you have 7 days from now, to write 100 words inspired by Didi’s choice, Wilco’s Poor Places. You can do fiction, nonfiction, poetry, prose, or whatever as long as it’s 100 words and bears the inspiration of the song. Tell a friend or 50 on the medias that are social, then link up your piece with Mr. Linky below.

100 Word Song – Broken

Welcome to October. Don’t tell anybody, but after three and a half years, I’m starting to become organized with blogging. With writing here, at , and now the new music site with @elleroywashere aka Linda and @jenkehl aka Jen I needed some structure. As a result, I’ve started lining up 100 word song writers to pick one to two weeks in advance. This week is one of our newest 100 word song players, Ryan aka @liquid_poet on the Twitter and his blog where he writes under the name Liquid Poet (great choice) If you’re looking for different, smart, and interesting, then Liquid Poet’s your guy. He and Leeroy agreed on Gorillaz’ Broken. It fits my Silas and Olive story in more ways than one. So for my 100, we got back to Silas and Olive reaching Zola’s house in Ft. Myers.

My piece is not only for 100 word song but also ‘s “underhanded” word prompt”. Go see her.

Last time:

Silas squinted at the rising sun through a bay window. Giggles bounced between Olive and Zola. Feeling ignored, he walked down a hall and found a bathroom. He switched on the lights and saw black circles under his eyes.

He filled up a sink with cold water then dunked stuck his face. The jolt of energy was met by a door slamming behind him. He picked up his head, opened his eyes and saw a grinning Olive. She held two black and red towels, one of which she tossed underhanded to Silas.

“I’ve fixed everything. Race you to the shower.”

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As always, you have 7 days from right now to write 100 words inspired by Gorillaz Broken. Link up to Mr. Linky below then social media the heck out of your piece and recruit folks to read, comment, share and write next week.

100 Word Song – Wrong Number

This week is about rule breaking with word play. One of our newest writers, Melissa, aka @realgirlmelissa , is  fellow Georgian and music freak. She writes here: . When Leeroy and I asked her to pick the song, she went into total neurotic mode just like I do. After days of stress, she came up with Wrong Number by The Cure. I decided we should play with this in more ways than one. Yes, this is 100 word song and the only “rule” is supposed to be keep it to 100 words, but my entry is going to be 120 words and that plays with the “Wrong Number” choice. That means you have 120 words this week and this week only. I’m sure my friend Velvet at will roll her eyes and reprimand me for linking to her 100 word song prompt of “reset”. So in honor of Melissa, a rebel herself, and The Cure’s Wrong Number, you’re not held to the exact number. You can be wrong.

Thanks to Tara aka @Tara_R from for last week’s And She Was from Talking Heads.

For my 120, we return to Silas and Olive and my short story Light of Day about two 19-year-old loverson the run in Florida.

Last time:

Silas emerged from the diner’s bathroom. The waitress’s smile looked snow white. Fluorescents bounced off her face. His eyes reset as he got closer.

“Ma’am, how much do I owe you?”

She squirted line green liquid into a sink.

“Don’t worry about it, dear. Just go out there and take care of your sweet fiancé. She’s on the phone with the quarters I gave her.”

He mouthed thank you then bolted through the door and yelled her name. Olive hung up the payphone receiver and said.

“Stop looking at me like I have snakes on my head. I cried a little, told her we’re broke.”

He shook his head.

“Who was on the phone?”

She strutted past him.

“Wrong number.”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

You have seven days from NOW, to write 120 words on Wrong Number by The Cure chosen by Melissa aka @realgirlmelissa. Link up to Mr. Linky below then tell a friend or fifty via the medias that are social.

100 Word Song – And She Was

You can attribute it to me living with women, but I changed my mind. Leeroy and I weren’t going to post 100 word song today because on the calendar’s date. There are amazing posts, new and old, about what this day means and I encourage you to seek them out. My friends Nancy / and Kath did some strong stuff with a tough subject, today.

But we write here. There are words, prompted and otherwise, and we talk about fiction, music, and inspired thought. Before I get to my 100 words based on the Talking Heads song, And She Was, I want to thank all of you who come here and give your hearts. It takes a bad ass to write for everyone to see. Art is hard. My writing partner, someone I admire greatly, Tara aka @Tara_R from picked this week’s song. She’s the shining example for all of us. So, thank you. And I appreciate the hundreds of birthday wishes on the Twitter, Book o Face, Gram o instant, text, and in person. That meant the world to me.

Now, on to Silas and Olive and “Light of Day”, my short story about teenage ne’er do wells, on the run. This is also for velvet verbosity’s “Faith” 100 words

Last time:

She stroked Silas’ arms. Her fingertips lifted goose bumps on his skin. His hands stopped shaking. The policeman stepped toward them, handing back Silas his license and car registration.

“Alrighty, everything checks out. Now, there’s a Waffle Hut two streets over. It’s open 24 hours. They have pay phones there for you to call your friend. But move this car and be safe?”

He didn’t wait for them to answer before getting in his cruiser. Olive turned around and looked into his eyes.

“Never lose Faith in me.”

And she was in darkness, walking to her side of their car.

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As always you have 7 days from NOW to write 100 words inspired by And She Was, by the Talking Heads and chosen by Tar Rah. Use Mr. Linky below then social media out your link and tell a friend or fifty.