The 100 Word Song

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What is 100 word song?

It’s a meme, pronounced meeeeeeemmmmm, hosted by Leeroy, the writing Robot, where a song is selected, usually by one of the community of writers who hang here, and you give me 100 words inspired by the tune. The only rules are it has to be exactly 100 words and it has to be tied to the inspiration of the song. So writing about your cake recipe when the song is Guerilla Radio by Rage Against The Machine will get you ridiculed by your peers.

Every Wednesday morning post the selected cut, and you have 7 days to respond.

You can answer 100 word song in any form. Poetry, limericks, signs, cartoons, essays, fictions, real life scenarios, embarrassing stories, or anyway you are inspired.

The only cash and prizes are the attaboys and attagirls of your fellow writers and the enrichment of your soul.


The song is Baby Got Back by poet laureate Sir Mix A Lot. Here’s my 100:

It was a dark and stormy night. The shudders beatboxed against the side of the A-framed house. Becky appeared in the threshold, biting her bottom lip, pantsless. I sat up in my lay Z boy and queried.

“Honey, it’s freezing in here, shouldn’t you put on more clothes?”

She released the plastic hair clip from her raven colored bun. Her tresses bounded about her shoulders in mischief.

“I got grape jelly on jeans  and I don’t have anything to put on my legs but you”

He sighed and realized his dreams were coming true. She had come back to him.

Last time on 100 Word Song:


  **** – try to avoid using the artists we’ve already written. here they are:

 January 24th: Elton John

January 31st : Radiohead

February 8th: Bob Mould

February 15th: The Black Crowes

February 21: Oh Land

February 28: Bonnie Raitt

March 6:

March 13:  Ashley Monroe

March 20: Social Distortion

March 27: Red Hot Chili Peppers

April 3: Jefferson Starship

April 10: Ben Harper

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