For The Love of Money

My youngest daughters have turned their bedroom into a game called “store”. Goose and Bug, aged 6 and 7, like money. I’m trying to steer them toward responsiblity by showing them its’ value.

I spent 3 dollars on a book covered by a picture the girls drew. They are organizing a yard sale where they hope to make “at least 50 bucks.”

They went to Walmart with their mom who bought them 2 skateboards. The girls said, “daddy, mommy got these skateboards for 18 dollars. With the 3 we made off you, we only owe mommy 15 dollars after our yard sale.”

Bobina taught them another game. Credit.

*blogger’s note* – This is my answer to ‘s 100 word challenge. The one word prompt is GAME.

Today’s song is from the great Bullet Boys. I hadn’t heard their version of For The Love Of Money, in 15 years. I was without my ipod at the gym, and suddenly, a double shot of Marc Torian’s scream came on, with Smooth UP N Ya and this song. It describes my house right now.

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5 responses to “For The Love of Money

  1. How to manage money is a very important skill to teach our kids. I have discovered though, that my daughter is much more frugal with her own money than she is with mine. Nice take on the theme.

  2. Both very important lessons to be learned and they are the perfect age to understand that what they want must be worked for and earned. You guys seem to always get it right. Yahoo!

  3. Ha–Money! When I was a kid, I couldn’t add it, or remember what each coin’s amount was. It was frightening and mostly meaningless to me–unlike my sister, who counted her bin of pennies with tenderness and love on a near daily basis.

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