Cuts You Up


I pulled her body to me and rocked her gently. She whispered.

“Tell me you didn’t love me.”

Her fingers twitched like static on a blanket. I gave her what she wanted.

“I didn’t love you.”

The morning sun showed through the dingy broken blinds as her eyes flickered. Blood from the syringe danced as it fell off of her bluish arm. I heard faint sirens. I held no heroic allusion. Her brown eyes blackened. Words fell from her mouth hushed.

“The myth should have never lived.”

Guilt cut through me. I held her tighter. It was our last lie.

*******blogger’s note***** – This my answer to @velvetverbosity’s aka ‘s 100 word challenge. The one word prompt is MYTH.

Today’s song is what inspired my 100 words. During a moment of blue, yesterday, I heard  the great Peter Murphy. This is what happened. He’s good at this stuff. This is Peter’s Cuts You Up:


21 thoughts on “Cuts You Up

  1. karen somethingorother

    I flippity flipping love Peter Murphy. Anyhoo, Lance, you certainly have that knack for CAPTURING attention in a tricky 100 word writing prompt.

    • thanks…this is part of a bigger story about one sister recalling how her younger sister died. So that’s interesting. Thank you for commenting.

  2. ooooh interesting, i want to read this as part of something bigger. obviously i have some catching up to do.
    *love* peter murphy, what a lovely lovely way to start my morning. thank you.

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