Thrash Unreal

“Yeah, we’re behaving. John wanted to wind down and get something to eat after the concert. We’re at Waffle House. I’m going to order some eggs and hashbrowns, then take him back to his hotel. I love you too, bye,”

Checking in with the boss?”

“Dude you did the same thing in the bathroom, don’t tell me any different.”

“Ha! Yeah, she asked me if I was still upright since it’s 4 hours past my bedtime.”

“Yeah, well, my wife knew you and Pearl Jam being in town at the same time was a greater phenomena than Halley’s Comet so she insisted I go to the show and stay out all night. Of course that means I have kid duty and 123 chores tomorrow.”

“You mean today, slick. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning. It’s zombie stripper time right now. Speaking of which, look who just got off of the main stage two booths over.”

“Dude, that’s someone’s daughter. I bet her story is heart breaking.”

What? Living in a  house full of women has made you a Lifetime Network candy ass. She’s a stripper.”

“I see it different and keep your voice down. Fiver says that girl had a bad home life, got screwed over by a boyfriend or seven, and is just trying to get by or least maintain her gutter level existence. You have a son. You better be teaching him that treating girls well is what prevents Sierra grinding it out for three songs.”

“What would you do if one of your daughters ended up liked that girl over there?”

“After I beat you senseless for asking the question, I’d consider her lot in life my fault. Respect for women is the difference between working for tips from drunks and being the first female President, which one of my 3 daughters will be. Somebody or a collection of somebodies failed that girl.”

Tom, you know you bummed out a really good conversation about tits and ass, right?”

“Eh, I’d rather talk about Pearl Jam’s encores. My ears are still ringing.”

I think we just had a boring grown up moment, maybe we should ditch the waffles and go get arrested, like the old days.”

“As awesome as that sounds, I’m starving and my wife and I did the budget for the month the other day. I don’t have enough in the bank for bail money and a rock concert. “

**********blogger’s note**********

This is my contribution to Katie’s The Lightning and the Lightning Bug prompt “Talk it Out”. The assignment was write a scene or story using only dialogue. John is in regular type, Tom is in bold. This is all inspired by today’s song by Florida punk band Against Me! One of my favorite tunes of the past 10 years is Thrash Unreal. It’s about the type of girl Tom and John see in the diner booth. She’s every father’s nightmare but also a cautionary tale of how she got there. This song is brutally awesome but the lyrics are raw and real. Enjoy.

14 responses to “Thrash Unreal

  1. Great conversation, very realistic indeed. When I first started reading, I wondered if the conversation might be real instead of fiction. Great job in capturing the flow of the dialogue and the distinct voices of your two characters. I liked Tom a lot…a smart guy, obviously, and he’s totally right. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great dialogue. I love the “dialogue only” prompt. It’s brought out some great stuff from me. And you handle a difficult topic with aplomb. Well done.

  3. First, big Kudos for the Pearl Jam reference. 20 years, dude, 20 years…how can that be?? As for the writing, the flow and content of the convo are perfectly matched. I would almost bet that this convo happened in real life, maybe a different setting, but I’m sure this content is sincere. As for strippers, it’s yes and no on whose fault it is. Sometimes a girl just loses a bet or gets a good dare… does stripper for a day count??

  4. Like the way Tom takes her past into consideration. Most the time it’s her past that gets her into that hard place in life. I love that he speaks of respect for her. Good job.

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