Hungry Heart

I was hungry. I just wanted a burrito or pizza or a hamburger. Then she called. She was starving for me. So I stopped thinking about food.

***blogger’s note*** – I wanted to participate in Katie’s The Lightning and The Lightning Bug’s “Hungry” prompt  but it ends today, Wednesday. All the other entries are about food. I wanted to throw something together about the other thing close to man’s heart or, well, below it. This is in tweet form because I liked how it looked in 140 characters. It says more than the 250 words I originally penciled.

Today’s song is more about The Ramones again than Bruce Springsteen. Joey Ramone and Bruce were friends. Joey asked him to write a song for his band. The Boss penned Hungry Heart then kept it for himself because he’s kind of doosh like that. I like the song. I would have preferred hearing it from Joey’s voice. Here’s Hungry Heart.

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