“Girls Are The Bunk”


I was going to show you a new Helene Troy story episode themed “black and white” after my www.indieink.org prompt. I literally dotted the eyes and crossed the t’s in my notebook and tracked down the song. As I closed my computer I saw this commerical during a break in the Cardinals blow out win over the Brewers NLCS baseball playoff game:

So Dr. Pepper has a new diet cola, “10”, that has ten calories. They’ve decided that only men should drink this product. I’m fascinated by this advertising strategy. This is how I imagine the braintrust came up with this idea.

I’m a man. I realize I live with 4 women, write constantly about it, have a majority of blog readers who are women, and I know more about bras and femine hygiene products than most dudes. But, thank goodness I finally have my own drink!

I’ve been a Dr. Pepper fan since I was a kid. Like Forest Gump, I once drank about 15  Dr. Peppers’ and then had to pee.

So, dudes who read this blog raise your right hand.

Let’s pledge to not let any women drink our Dr. Pepper 10s because “girls are the bunk”.

ps……..Dr. Pepper 10 tastes like crap.

The late great Bill Hicks said best about advertising and marketing:

******blogger’s note****

Helene Troy story episode for Indie Ink prompt later today, pinky swear…..

Today’s song, or at least the one for this post is from Joe Jackson. It’s ironic, like this post. Here’s I’m The Man:


6 thoughts on ““Girls Are The Bunk”

  1. I saw the same ad last night, looked over at Hubs and we both busted up laughing. I won’t have to worry about getting him Dr. Pepper 10, cuz he won’t drink regular Pepper… says it does funky things to his breath, worse than onions. I know… TMI…

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