‘I have your wife and children. Their blood tastes sweet. You can try to find them, but you’d be too late. The banality of evil is how I destroy your happiness.’

****Blogger’s note****

This is my answer to the folks at Write on Edge and their Red Writing Hood prompt of “write a text, 160 characters, that is scary. . So I went the route that scared me, my wife and my teenage daughter. They wrote off on this one.

Today’s song has always been a creepy one. I know this song is about a cheating boyfriend trying to apologize but the lyrics kind of fit a bad guy talking and thus relate to this story. Here’s The Strokes’ Reptilia.

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25 responses to “Reptilia

  1. this would be the kind of text that would terrify my husband as well. He never realized how much he could love another person until our daughters were born

  2. I love how you went with your ultimate fear here. It makes it all that much more real, that much more terrifying. And I always love stories written from the perspective of the villain. It just gives everything a darker twist.

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