Fly Trapped In A Jar


Last Time with Millicent:

Being obsessively neat, poison was the most fitting way for Millicent Stingley to kill. She knew what she was coming with her boyfriend, Trever Jones. Millicent hadn’t been the best girlfriend, but she thought she had been good enough. Lately, Trever had been distant. He’d made friends with a younger woman who had moved in above him. That hurried the inevitable.

An intelligent and talented chemist, Millicent mixed chemical compounds in her bathroom laboratory. She put them inside beige capsules and white syringes. She showered, picked out the best black cocktail dress for her long legs and curvy hips, then spent almost an hour with her makeup. As she finished, her cell phone vibrated. She read the text message while painting her lips bright red..

“Just meet me at the restaurant.”

She shook her head and said into the vanity;

“The least you could have done, Trever, is treat me right one last time.”

Millicent arrived at Sunset’s at 7:30pm. Trever was already seated. She saw him texting. He had rarely texted during most of their three years together. After the younger woman moved in, two months ago, he texted often.

She kissed him at the table. It was void of warmth. The conversation was as dry as the chardonnay they ordered. Soon, Millicent had enough. Her chocolate eyes narrowed. The low ironic light caught tiny shines in her brown hair.

“Just tell me why you kissed my mouth like you wished it were someone else’s.”

A numbness swept over Millicent’s body when Trever’s face hardened and he spoke.

“I think I’m done. I want to call things off.”

She bit her bottom lip until blood formed in her teeth. He touched her hand across the table.

“I’m sorry, but this is how I feel.”

Through malevolent eyes, she made a decision, too. A long, brutal minute passed. The waiter refilled their glasses. Trever excused himself to the restroom. Millicent acted.
She removed a capsule from her purse, and opened it’s contents into his glass. The chilled red wine washed the blood in her mouth . A satisfied grin formed across her face as she thought about his final hours alive.
Trever returned and Millicent spoke.
“Let’s down this last glass and go back to your condo. I have some things there and I want to end this night on a positive note, for me.”
Trever relaxed for the first time since they began talking.
“I don’t understand Mill. You’re not going to scream about what a child I am or accuse me to screwing my neighbor, again? Who are you, tonight?”
Millicent licked her bottom lip clean of new blood and hissed.
“Just drink your damn wine.”
Trever obliged. A few minutes passed. As he paid the check, Millicent drove to his place.
She knocked on door number six. A redhead with a cheerleader’s figure wearing a blue sports bra and matching workout pants, answered. She was at least 10 years younger than 34-year-old Millcent.
“Hi, I’m Trever’s girlfriend. I can’t find his key. He’s five minutes behind in traffic. Can I use your restroom?
The woman nodded yes like a hyper cocker spaniel and turned to show the way. Millicent stabbed a syringe into her ribs, between crafted abdomen muscles. The woman dropped to the floor, whimpering, and Millicent stood over her, expressionless.
“You’re not dead, yet. It’s a paralyzing toxin. You are about to hear me take care of my soon to be ex-boyfriend. I’ll be back soon.”
Trever met Millicent as she bounded down the stairs.
“I had to use the restroom. Your friend you’re not screwing was way too nice.”
Trever ignored Millicent and they walked inside. She threw him against the closed door and began pulling at his clothes. Trever stopped her.
“Mill, slow down. Tonight’s our last night. You get that?”
She smirked and pulled him over his dining room table. She lifted her dress and climbed on top of him. Millicent looked up at the ceiling and estimated she was within two feet of the redhead. Trever’s look of lust turned to worry.
“Mill, I don’t feel so good. Can we st…..”
Millicent was relentless. She listened for the redheaded fly trapped in the jar above them. After she was done with him, she’d pick it’s wings.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Kurt challenged me with “”Our bodies were laid out. They were laid for fifteen yards. And two feet above each of our heads was a fly trapped in a jar.” -Isaac Brock, “Fly Trapped in a Jar.”” and I challenged Tara Roberts with “”We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year” – Pink Floyd”

****blogger’s note****
This is part of a short story I’m working on about a serial killer named Millicent who uses poison. It fit perfectly into my Indie Ink challenge this week 
Today’s song is courtesy of my boy, Kurt. He has great taste in music. This is from Modest Mouse’s excellent We were Dead Even Before The Ship Even Sank album, where Johnny Marr first joined as guitarist. Here’s the haunting Fly Trapped In A Jar….

11 thoughts on “Fly Trapped In A Jar

  1. I’m interested to see how or if Millicent is affected by having her revenge. Will it satisfy? Don’t get me wrong, she’s done a good number on them, but the torture can only last so long.

  2. I wanted to read this a few times before I commented. There are a few spots that need really simple edits (wrong word used or an extra word thrown in)

    Overall, I think the remorseless attitude of Millicent is brought forth quite well. She’s vindictive and expects a lot, even though she is by her own admission “a good enough” girlfriend.

    I’d love to get a better picture of her appearance: tall, short, thin, slightly curvy. Does she have an easy time with men or is it a struggle. Obviously Trevor saw something to keep his attention for 2.5 years. Or did she “help” with that by using a concoction?

    I’m not sure if I get the ending though. Is the cheerleader the fly trapped in the jar (her jar being her apartment?) Brings to mind little children who capture bugs and then watch them slowly die in the jars through starvation or suffocation.

    • yes, the redhead is the fly…she dies slower than Trever. I think I discussed Millicent appearance in Murder by Numbers. She’tall, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, about 150 lbs.

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