Day Old Blues

Last time with Helene Troy:

With clean hair, a relaxed body, but a cluttered mind; Helene sighed deeply on the sidewalk in front of Ramona’s brownstone. She began her 5 block walk to the train by leaving voicemails for bandmates Mara, Sadie, and their new manager. The impact of not only meeting one of her musical idols, but now sleeping with her, overwhelmed Helene. She was desperate for a distraction. While searching her purse for her card to pay for the train, her fingers pulled out the neatly folded cocktail napkin with Xander’s telephone number. She smirked and paid the fee . Xander answered on the fourth ring.

“Hey, it’s Helene. I told you if you left me alone I’d call. Now you know I’m not a lying bitch.”

She heard the rustling of papers and something crash to the ground.

“Hey, wow, your voice even sounds great on the phone.”

Helene rolled her eyes and crossed her legs as she sat down on the train. She decided to have some fun.

“Tell me the first thing you listened to when you woke up this morning. “

She heard him handling CD cases. It was something she did often. It made her smile.

“Nine Inch Nails’ With Teeth. I have a thing for Trent Reznor. I mean, not sexually, I’m not you know, well, I like his music.”

Helene smiled again. She could hear him muttering to himself. She enjoyed his awkwardness.

“Well that sucks, Xander. If you were into Trent like that, we’d have a lot in common. He’s yummy. Is your fraternity gracing Mickey’s bar again tonight. I’m making a 12 hour appearance, for tips, of course.”

Helene’s phone vibrated, bothered, she shot a cutting glance at the number. It was Sadie. Xander responded.

“I’m not in a fraternity. Those guys are just buddies. We go to Fordham. I’m an art major. I paint and sculpt. I was painting when you called.”

Helene was impressed. It explained Xander’s taste in music.

“Are you a night owl? I get off at 2.”

*****blogger’s note****

This is a new Helene Troy story episode. You can find the story, so far, here: This is also a response to the great prompt from Trifecta Writing challenge: The one word prompt was “CUTTING”

CUTTING adj \ˈkə-tiŋ\

Today’s song came from a suggestion by my twitter pal, @CraigDesign. The lyric: “Low and behold things are killing me
silly expectations of a dream girls are gonna love the way i toss my hair boys are gonna hate the way i seem” from Kings of Leon’s Day Old Blues (from their 2004 album) are perfect for Helene’s state of mind. Here’s Day Old Blues: