Don’t Change

I don’t know about those of you reading this blog post, but now is the greatest time of my life. I’m not rich. I’m not famous. Most of my free time is spent going to cheerleading or judo events for my kids. The dog’s barking to come inside. One of the kittens has a chronic back problem that causes her to whine in pain. I think she just tipped over the beer I opened. Yet, I’m happier now than I’ve been in my 41 years.

As I try to find my artistic voice in the novel I’ve written and need to be editing and organizing for my writer friends to critique for the inevitable rewrite, something penned or penciled by a dead rock star has said everything I want to tell you in this blog post.

“I’m standing here on the ground
The sky above won’t fall down
See no evil in all direction
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark
For too long

Don’t change for you
Don’t change a thing for me

I found a love I had lost
It was gone for too long
Hear no evil in all directions
Execution of bitterness
Message received loud and clear

Don’t change for you
Don’t change a thing for me

I’m standing here on the ground
The sky above won’t fall down
See no evil in all directions
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark for too long

Don’t change for you
Don’t change a thing for me”

Thirty years ago, Michael Hutchence and his bandmates in the Australian rock band INXS wrote that song about a relationship gone bad. Sometime in the middle of the night in November 1997, Michael Hutchence would be found dead after hanging himself, some say accidently, in a Sydney Ritz Carlton hotel room. He was only 37 years old. Michael was born on this date, January 22nd in 1960. He would’ve been 52.

I was a huge fan of Hutchence. I argued with anyone who’d listen, that he was one of the 5 greatest frontmen in the history of recorded music. He looked like a rock star, lived like a rock star, and enjoyed being a rock star. When I heard of his death I listened to Don’t Change dozens of times in a row. After a while, I realized, although he was only 22 years old when it was released, the song was also about being content with yourself and the people in your life.

Today, I did something that I normally don’t do. I went to a movie, Haywire, (good, not great. Gina Carano’s debut is a good one but the movie is a turn off your brain experience) on a whim. I was good to myself. I was slightly irresponsible (we’re low on money around my house) and I enjoyed every minute.

As I drove home a short time ago from my daughter’s 16th birthday party, Don’t Change came on the radio. I turned it up and sang as loud as my weak pitched, tired voice would allow. I felt content. I had resolution of happiness. I wouldn’t change a thing in my life.

I’m about to hit publish and return to my mistress, the novel. With Bobina and the girls spending the night out, I have a quiet place, no bedtime, and plenty of beer. I need to understand that anything happens with this book and the rest of my life is like the icing on my oldest daughter’s birthday cake.

Here’s INXS and the late great Michael Hutchence. Play it really friggin loud, and find your love that you had lost. Rest in Peace Michael, you are so very missed. Don’t Change….

24 responses to “Don’t Change

  1. Another thing we have in common. Michael Hutchence is one of my absolute favorites, and I am so glad you share that opinion. He had the sexy charm and charisma of Morrison with scads more writing and musical talent to back it up. My heart broke when I found out he died. It’s one of those things I will always remember.

  2. I LOVE INXS. Love love love them. Michael Hutchence’s death bugged me way more than Kurt Cobain’s. (I don’t like Nirvana. Sorry the man died, but not experiencing fangrief over it.) Happy birthday Michael.

  3. Michael Hutchence….I do believe I cried when the news hit. I don’t always agree with your music choices but Hutchence? He was one of the greats. He died too young and I wasn’t ready.

    Enjoy your peace and quiet and thank you for well..for being who you are. I am honored to call you friend.

  4. I loved INXS. I felt MIchael was special. Even the way he moved, just…moved. His death was a loss to our ears, our musical experience.

    This is a beautiful post. I’m so happy to hear where you are, what you felt when typing this. And I can’t wait to see what your icing ends up being.

  5. chiming in ME TOO ME TOO!
    i can’t even tell you how much i loved INXS and Michael Hutchence. I used to say he had more stage presence than even Mick Jagger. of course, i never saw the Rolling Stones live but i saw INXS like 12 times. hee!
    Don’t Change is not even a song, it’s a freaking ANTHEM.

  6. I am a big fan of this song- I love it because I love the message. I noticed that we both have pretty similar tastes in music- appreciating the incredible talent of those who truly could write a song that changes your life.

    Good stuff, good stuff :)

  7. Much like The Smiths, I didn’t really get into INXS during the time I should have. Much like The Smiths, I’ve since made up for that error in judgement. I didn’t change, I grew.

    As (seemingly) always, awesome post!

  8. Hutchence has ALWAYS been one of my favorite front men, and this song is definitely one of their best. I’m selfishly very sad that he’s gone — he had a lot more in him, I think, to give.

    I’m so happy for you that you’re in such a great emotional space (social anxiety and other issues aside, those monsters that never go away)! I’m right there with you, and it’s a wonderful place to be.

  9. I am getting there, truly. Last year was rough for me. I had a couple hills to climb. But I am starting to feel again. It’s tough to climb out of a trench you don’t know how you fell into in the first place. And then you look around you and realize how unimaginably perfect your life is, and realize the unhappiness is really a manifestation of greed. Greed because you feel you need more, want more, deserve more. You don’t even know what “more” is, aside from some nameless concept you can’t reach. But the truth is, more is all around you, you just haven’t bothered to take your hands out of your pockets. Yes, I am getting there. Moments of singing with wild abandon remind me of how lucky I really am.

  10. I still love INXS. I was made fun of back in the day, but I didn’t care. They SPOKE TO ME. I’m going to go find one of their CD’s right now.

    Thanks for the reminder, Lance, and good luck with your book.

  11. So great that you are so happy and content with your life. The moment where we realize this, in the car singing a song at that you love as loud as your voice will carry you is amazing. Congratulations on being there. I had the opportunity to work with INXS when they were on RockStar (Mark Burnett’s show in 2005) and while they were lovely, it was as if part of them was missing, they had changed. Yet, the song is their legacy and Michael’s legacy and what a wise legacy to leave for such a very young man with an old soul. Keep singing, and good luck with your book!

    • wow, Shannon, that’s a great story. I watched that show, and the music snob in me was disgusted with the idea of repalcing Michael. Thank you for stopping by my place.

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