Take Me To The Pilot

The greatest fight I ever saw, April 15, 1985 between Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler for the Middleweight championship, lasted only 8 minutes. The best songs I’ve ever heard, whether it be punk or pop are well under 4 minutes. Brevity is its own art form. In the almost two years of My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, I think my finest moments have been my shortest pieces. I know that’s the case for so many of you who read, comment, and write.

The 100 word style needs to be recognized, but here, of course, I want it to have a soundtrack. Starting today, Tuesday, January 24th, and each subsequent Tuesday, I’ll show you a song. You write 100 words using the tune as inspiration. There’s no word prompt. You don’t even have to acknowledge the artist or song title if you don’t feel the need. Just give me 100 words and not 101.

Every Tuesday at 9pm eastern, I’ll choose an entry I felt did the best interpretation and that person can choose the next song or the next artist or defer to me. Below the song choice is the link button. Here’s Leeroy, our 100 Song Robot:

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

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Here’s my 100 words:

Eighty-one percent of the voters in the sixth district of Georgia sent him to Washington D.C. Only 37 years old, recently divorced, and handsome, he drew immediate attention.

“Representative Hinds, you should see this.”

A staff aide tossed the latest Newsweek Magazine across his desk. There she was, standing in a revealing red dress with a headline across her torso.

“The Chinese ambassador’s 21-year-old daughter and the U.S. Congressman. Is it high treason?”

Hinds looked away and put some personal items inside a box.

“Sir, it’s time for the hearing. You are required to be led to the chamber.”

This week’s inaugural song is Take Me To The Pilot by Elton John. The lyrics are from Bernie Taupin.


The mommy’s crying in the corner of the couch next to her computer. I guess what her and the daddy were talking about is true. You’re not coming back.

It’s warm inside this box. I’m glad they haven’t taken me downstairs in the cold, damp basement. It was neat of you to try to pull me out and play with me the other night. I heard your cries and I wanted to snuggle.

I liked your warmth. It was cold on the floor until you came to sit on me. Sharing your snacks and picking on your little sister were a blast. There’s still some frayed pieces of fur that I haven’t lost. They remind me of the time you thought I was your ball or your food or the daddy’s sock. That was funny when you took it from him and came to hide it inside of me. He was so mad.

The other kitten, your little sister, doesn’t pay much attention to me. Maybe I can scoot myself up high in this box and get the mommy or the daddy to show me off to her.

So long, my friend. I’m miss your black fur and prickly teeth. You were sweet and fun.

RIP Jerri the kitten, March 2011 to January 23, 2012

Write on Edge: RemembeREDDo objects have a memory? Does a rocking chair hold the essence of the snuggles it has witnessed? Does a pottery mug remember the comforting warmth it offered a struggling soul?

The dictionary defines personification as “the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.”

This week, tell a piece of your story from the point of view of an object who bore witness.

Today’s song is kind of weird and I doubt even my own family members will understand the choice. I wanted to go with something that coincided with Jerri the kitten’s short life. Neon Trees’ Animal was one of the biggest pop songs of 2011. It played a couple of times she was in the car going to the vet to be looked over. For me, it’s how I’ll remember her.