See A Little Light


Week 2 of 100 word song brought out some of the finest creativity I’ve ever read on the internet. There’s some serious talent hanging around here. I’m proud of all the entries, especially Victoria, because she appeared in an a Off-Broadway production of the Odd Couple last week and still contributed. That’s 100 word song love. Leeroy appreciates that.

Some of you wrote songs. Others created super short stories of gripping fiction. The one that seemed to stay with me the most was Marian’s The Ice Age. It played a theme that I write about a lot; finding that connection, that ray of light, in chaos and drama: It was outstanding. So Marian gets to pick this week’s song we tackle. She understands metaphor, theme, and “hey, see what I did there” better than just about anyone. She chose See A Little Light by the great Bob Mould. After our last two songs, it’s a terrific choice. See what she did there?

For new people; don’t worry about rules and regulations. Keep your entries to exactly 100 words. Write what inspires you. Use the hastag #100wordsong on your twitter accounts. Post it on your the facebook pages. Tell a friend or 50.

Here’s my 100:

The hug seemed to last for minutes. Violet’s warm tears dampened my t-shirt. She let go of me and began walking down the road. I bent down to grab the gas can. She started singing. I hadn’t heard her burst into song in months, well before her mother died. She swung around and rolled her eyes at my grin.

“What? It’s Lady GaGa. You hate her.”

I felt tears of my own so I turned away. My body language was still abrupt despite our moment of emotional relief.

“Vi, hearing you like that means something to me. Just keep singing.”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

<div align=”center”><a href=”; title=”My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog”><img src=”; alt=”My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

Here’s this week’s song, Bob Mould’s See A Little Light:



20 thoughts on “See A Little Light

  1. Just stopping by to let you know that my kid is really diggin’ your crazy robot stories. He’s an apple that doesn’t fall too far from his momma tree, so he knows a thingertoo about word slingin’ 😉

  2. Now THAT was damned hard! Almost as hard as trying to get through to Linky!

    If I ever do get in, I’ll drop down my attempt at keeping it down to a hundred…

  3. OK. Technology is my friend. The kind that randomly kicks you in the shins.

    Mr. Linky may or may not have received my submission and/or a totally random post that had nothing to do with this exercise whatsoever. I blame Mr. Linky solely for this. Because it couldn’t POSSIBLY have been my fault. And between you an me, he’s been talking quite a bit of trash about you as of late.

    So, please let me know if you didn’t receive my submission. Please let me know if you did. And next time, I promise to look a whole hell of a lot cooler when attempting this world wide interweb thingie…

  4. Great song–reminds me of the early days of dating my now-husband. I feel all warm and fuzzy now. The song link up is a great idea. I haven’t been feeling my creative mojo lately.

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