It took twenty-five years and about twenty five bucks, but I finally achieved a lifelong goal. I walked into a school gym with two girls, one on each arm….

Friday, my 7-year-old daughter’s elementary school hosted a father-daughter dance. I took my two youngest (the teenager is way too cool for such an event) girls. We ate bad lasagna, good brownies, then Party Rocked and Cupid Shuffled for 90 minutes. It was a blast. There’s a reason why my name rhymes with dance. We won first and third grade dance contests. It was a thrill to see 150 or so other dads. I’m usually the only one at my daughter’s deals.

There will be some subtle changes to My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. I’m over six weeks behind schedule finishing my novel. You can find about 30 thousand words of it under the page heading, Crazy Robot Stories. I’m thinking of titling the project Hybrids. I’m aiming for this week to get it to my critique group friends and then try to find a publisher. Self publishing is definitely a possibility. As a result, I’m going to concentrate on the serial fiction posts, Helene Troy, and a new short story about a widowed father and his relationship with his teenage girl. It’s untitled, but you’ll seen three posts about it, so far: It’s Alright It’s Ok, The Middle of the Road, and my latest 100 word song, See A Little Light. I’m taking a break from Indie Ink and concentrating on prompts from Write On Edge , Trifecta Challenge and Studio Thirty Plus They seem more likely to fit the serials. 100 word song is a rousing success. It will run Tuesday nights at 7pm. You can expect a couple of personal posts about me living with these 4 women each week with the fiction.

I’ve taken a writing position with Sprocket Ink It’s a snarky news site. They do great work and it’s a daily read for me. My sports column will run Tuesdays at 1pm and my politics column will run Fridays at 1pm.

Don’t forget to like the blog on the facebook!/pages/My-Blog-Can-Beat-Up-Your-Blog/339720439382777 . We’re at 55 likes. I think we can do better. Basically, this place will become a little leaner.

Finally, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog is a multiple award winner. Saturday morning, Studio Thirty Plus announced that this spot went 3 for 3 in their Boomerang Awards, including male blogger of the year. My friend Abby from AbbyHasIssues, took the female spot as well as Blog of the year. You need to be reading Abby. She makes the internets a much better place. I’m letting this news go straight to my robot head. I’m renting out an Applebees and holding court next to the draft beer spigots.

This is a lot to take in, and I’m confused and dizzied by it. I’ve got this new deal of wearing my shirts with the sleeves unbuttoned and big sunglasses like this guy:

So today’s song is from U2…here’s Vertigo


36 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. Lots of good news happening here today! Gotta love that.

    Congrats on your awards, and new gig. The picture of you and your daughters going to the dance is so cute.

  2. Amanda Austin

    There is something special about a daddy being awesome, and even more when it’s a daddy and his daughters. Best if luck on your novel too! Really fantastic.

  3. I love your recap of the dance, and that picture is priceless. That is precisely why I stalk you on Facebook and Twitter, as you’re so real and genuine. I dig it.

    And yay for Sprocket Ink! I considered joining as well because I love the site, but I don’t think my brain is creative enough to come up with quality content all the time. Maybe in the future, but right now I’m pretty much bankrupt in that department. I look forward to your column!

    Finally, big huge congrats on the Studio30 Plus awards. I am also letting myself enjoy it a little bit, if only in my own head (I spend most of my time there anyway.)

  4. Congratulations Lance. All you have earned is very well deserved. It looks like I need to spend more time at Studio 30+. Ive never really figured it out. I’m available for whatever you need me for.

  5. Yikes! So very busy and junk. Grats and pat on the back and whatnot! Your girls are gorgeous. They make you look good 😉 Hopefully, this time next year I will be agent shopping. My words come slowly and in erratic bursts. I fuss and obsess. Read and erase. And just generally keep most of them hidden from the masses. It’s my dirty habit, like eating when everyone else is asleep so you don’t feel guilty. Now I’m mucking up your comments section. Sorry. I have no life. You ROCK!

  6. someday soon, i’ll be channel surfing and see you on teevee being interviewed about your latest novel and i’ll be all “hey, that’s lance, i used to yell at him about typos” and i’ll put back another drink and cry a little into my beer and change the channel.

  7. There’s no video proof of this award winning dance, dance, party? I want to see you bust a move.

    Congrats on the writing props and good luck with the other writing gigs.

  8. I’m already used to being the only guy in a room full of mothers, and my kids aren’t even doing “events,” yet. And, damn, those are two mighty-fine-looking-ladies you were escorting to the dance.

    Can’t wait to see how things change around here . . . and to hear how work editing the novel is going.

  9. Just a reminder that I work for a (local) publisher if you’re interested in submitting. We’re a hybrid of self and traditional publishing, which has a lot of perks for our authors. 🙂

  10. FUN!!! Congrats on all the new accomplishments (most importantly, of course, winning the dance competitions for your daughters! 🙂 and the works-in-progress! And that picture is great.

  11. you’re a superstar Lance (now if you’d only put an email subscription on this blog so I could read it everyday. 🙂

    congratulations on all the stuff, you’re a great dad, writer, husband…DAMN MAN!

  12. Oh I see, it was ONLY about your girls. I can see why the post is called Vertigo. You’ve really got a lot going on. You say the blog will be leaner, yet it really doesn’t sound like it. Good luck with everything!

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