The Fly

Living with four women, the cacophony of screams is my cue. I grab a shoe or rolled up magazine and play my soap opera role. I’m the exterminator of insects, not much more.

****blogger’s note****

This is my weekend writing exercise courtesy of Trifecta Writing Challenge Today, I was given three words cacophonym soap, and insects and told to use them in order. I went personal again. I’m the fly, cockroach, beetle, and other bug killer in my house of a wife and three daughters. There aren’t a lot of cool songs about this subject. U2′s The Fly played in my head while I wrote this at the breakfast table with my daughters.


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49 responses to “The Fly

    • In college, I dated and or were friends with girls who were major feminists. yet, when it came time to kill bugs they leaned on your favorite robot.

  1. I like how you described it as your “soap opera role”. Oh, the drama a bug can cause! :)

    My husband and I usually stand there looking at some of the monsters we find in our house and argue over who’s going to be the one to kill it. ;)

  2. Well, at least you know your role. Unfortunately, I am a one-woman show here. Although I often try and scoop them up and set them free, most of the time I grab the heaviest thing I can find and bludgeon them ASAP. So it goes…

  3. Bugs are traumatizing. I get calls at work. I get sent upstairs to flush out and destroy whatever. Yet never has a beetle, fly, or roach bit me. The ladybugs that somehow made it into our house? those things have fangs.

  4. Agree with other comments: I love “soap opera role.” The fact that you exterminate (as opposed to giving blank looks) proves you’re much more; still it’s a good line!

  5. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww – you keeeeel them? :)

    love it. Lance. My son-in-law was very much your opposite when it came to spiders. ALL of the women in our family were HIS heroes many a time.

    • ha! no on ein this house is like that but me. when I’m not here, my 8-year-old tomoboy daughter will step up but she gets grossed out.

  6. I LOVE IT! Easily one of my favorite Trifecta entries of all time. I SO wanted to be able to accomplish the task in only 33 words, but could think of nothing. Well done!

  7. Apparently, you know your spot in the scheme of things. That’s good and because we need a guy lime you around. Love the length of the story. Well done.

  8. I really like this one! My husband got the same role in our house :) (0nly difference is I have 2 boys – one is the protector of living things, and the other one is not!)

  9. You’re the only one of us so far who has managed to get ‘soap’ out of its scrubbing context. Awesome. In our house, it’s the arachnids. But just get it out of here. Don’t kill the dear little thing.

    But don’t let it near me.

  10. This was great!! That you were thinking about killing bugs during breakfast icks me out, but to each his own, LOL. I definitely play up my role as “squeamish” so far as to ask a neighbor to come kill this HUGE (and I mean HUGE) spider that was lurking in a corner of my kitchen. It’s funny, but it didn’t look as big dead. LOL.

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