100 Word Song – The Woman In You


You 100 word song robot devotees continue to amaze me. We had a tough song last week, a happy love song from the 70s, and yet some of you still found darkness, complication, fun, romance, and writing inspiration. 100 word song is succeeding. There were some terrific entries from all of you. Recently I ran into some serialized fiction snobbery. I didn’t know it existed. But as a friend told me, if seralized fiction was good enough for Charles Dickens (The Pickwick Papers, anyone?) and Thomas Wolfe (hello, Bonfire of the Vanities in Rolling Stone?) then it’s good enough for this blog and Leeroy the 100 words ong robot. One of the best serialzed stories out there is my friend Victoria’s Karen character and her struggle through life: http://39forthefirsttime.blogspot.com/p/karens-story.html She gave us 100 words of powerful cynicism awkwardly dancing with romantic love: http://39forthefirsttime.blogspot.com/2012/04/100-word-song-run-away.html Vic, as I call her, said she’d love to pick this week’s song. She chose Ben Harper’s The Woman In You.

Here’s my 100, last time with Helene: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/take-it-of/

Helene kissed Xander for several seconds then glanced over her left shoulder. Kevin looked away and shouted to the others.

“Helene and her friend are going to go enjoy the show! We’ll meet later!”

Helene grabbed Xander’s right hand. The Golden Apples’ concert rushed over them as they descended the stairs. Finger still entwined, they weaved through dancing bodies by the bar. Gina handed her the open bottle of Jack Daniels. Helene grabbed it and swallowed a large swig. She  offered her warm mouth again, to Xander. As they finished another kiss, Gina leaned into Helene.

“Ramona Gallery is here!”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

****blogger’s note****

This is another story episode for The Ballad of Helene Troy. You can find the rest of the story, so far, here: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/the-ballad-of-helene-troy/

Here’s Vic’s choice, from Ben Harper, The Woman In You:


22 thoughts on “100 Word Song – The Woman In You

  1. Thanks so much for letting me pick the song Lance and for the plug for Karen. I’ve linked up another installment. Karen’s really taking on a life of her own–so much so I’m having trouble spending time with my other “almost finished” WIP!

    I love where Helene’s story is going. So many paths she could take!

  2. TheKirCorner

    Oh Ramona, you’re a PITA!!! Or amybe this is just what both of them need: A confrontation.

    even with 100 words, you pulled me right in. Great job Lance.

  3. I find my taste for JD returning the deeper into this I get…consequences…not always bad! 😉 Looking forward to escalating conflict…I’ll be the chick sitting on top the stack with a front row seat…just saying…Be back with my take soon!

    • i sed to drink it like water. There was no argument what Leney’s favorite drink was going to be.

      The image of you on a stack, rocking, is hilarious. thanks

  4. Can’t wait to see what happenes when Ramona is part of the scene.

    My only critique with this is there was a lot of telling. It was mainly a “character moved here, then here, then here.” I think even with 100 words you could have shown Helene and Xander getting it on as they moved through the bar.

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