100 Word Song – Deadman’s Gun


I keep hearing reading and hearing the word “fun” in response to the 100 word song experience. That’s better than “boring”. I’m glad so many of you have embraced this idea. Last week, you 100 word singers looked into the cross hairs of The Rolling Stones “Waiting on a Friend” and deliver killshots of writing mayhem. It was  a great week. Thanks to Michele aka @OldDogNewTits for the song and the inspiration. One entry blew me away. It came as no surprise. Her writing is what inspires me and Leeroy, consistently. Cameron aka http://www.camerongarriepy.com aka @camerongarriepy dropped this 100 word grenade:

He backed her up against the counter, one hand in her hair, one up her skirt seeking her slick, wanting heat. She sucked his lower lip, hooked her heels around his ass.

A spoon clattered into the sink, spattering tea on her hand.

She smeared his tears with her thumb when they came.

Later, smoking his last clove on her front stoop, she joined him, cherry blossom kimono belted loose over the olive skin he loved. She leaned down to twist a lock of hair from his forehead. “You okay?”

He reached up and squeezed her hand.

“I’m gonna be.”

Yeah, I know. Wow. So, I asked her to pick this week’s song. She chose Paul McCartney discovery, Indie rock band, Ashtar Command and their video game epic, Deadman’s Gun.

Anything you need to know about 100 word song is located here: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/100-word-song/ You have until next Tuesday at 7pm eastern time to get in your piece. I went for something new. Here’s my 100.

Silas stretched his legs over the hotel window ledge. The draft cooled his bare feet. The chilled steel of his late father’s thirty-six-year-old Les Paul electric guitar brought chill bumps to his left thigh as it passed over the rip in his jeans. He ignored the door opening and thought about his dad’s time as a country music star.

“Hey Si, stageman wants you in thirty minutes. So saddle up, cowboy.”

Silas smiled at the tuned guitar strings.

“Daddy, its my turn with this sumbitch. Gonna do it a bit dif’rent, though. Come on, let’s play the Grand Ole Opry.”

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19 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Deadman’s Gun

  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Love the accent, the way you were able to paint so much character with so few words…yup…think this will be another fun run! Hosting the party at dVerse tonight, but you can bet I’ll be up with my own 100.

  2. I like the character in the ripped jeans… uh huh… tries to slip her finger non-chalantly into the rip and make it just a little bigger.. WHAAAAAT… he needed the air 😉 Now he can play a bit longer!

  3. I like the new entry, a little bit country. Loved Silas’ dwrall too. Second generation country stars are always rebellious. I just dropped my week’s contribution.

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