100 Word Song – Telling Stories

There were some outstanding 100 word singers this week. Some of you made a Deadman’s Gun a metaphor for storms, real and imagined. Others put some muscle into thetheir and kicked some ass with the literal interpretations. I dug the testosterone-filled writing. As usual with 100 word song, we like to change course each week. After Cameron’s risque piece and subsequent song choice I went over to k and her humor mixed with tension mixed with drama of her Lillie story http://bloggitwrite.blogspot.com/2012/05/petersons-gun-lillie-and-100-word-song.html?spref=tw The interpretation of the song was perfect for the story and it’s emotional impact. k’s musical choices are a lot difefrent than mine so Leeroy and I were surprised at her excellent and quite versatile 100 word song pick – Tracy Chapman soulful “Telling Stories”. You 100 word singers should shine with this one.

Back to Helene for my 100:

Last time: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/sour-girl/

Helene glared at Mara then turned and walked to the patio. She cringed while sliding the door open. Sadie followed.

“Leney, ignore Mara. Our manager wants to meet today so we can get paid for last night and talk about the next gig. I know you got me the job with Ramona. I don’t know what to say. Thank you.”

Helene sat in the white plastic chair. She yelped in pain opening the beer. It spewed over the concrete. She raised her bare feet onto the white plastic table.

“You’re welcome Sade. Now, why are my hands are killing me?”

Everything you need to know about 100 word song is located here: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/100-word-song/

I’ll see all of you through the week. Make sure you get your entries into Leeroy by next Tuesday at 7pm Atlanta, Georgia time. Here’s Tracy Chapman’s Telling Stories.




43 responses to “100 Word Song – Telling Stories

  1. Lance…mean this as the highest compliment…I LOVE playing 100word song…but I HATE getting my Helene fix in 100 words or less. Again, I am left wanting more and it’s not getting any easier!!! Have to agree on the song choice as well…awesomesauce K!

  2. Oh! Think you’ll have any words for a “NEW” challenge tomorrow? We’re launching Wednesday Wake-Up…hoping you’ll have time to get down and dirty with us! It’s going to be a creativity free-for all! ;)

  3. Tashtoo has a point Lance, it’s hard to get just a hundred, and be patient pictures the buzzard over head and grinZ… and I know you won’t give it up and tell us WHY her hands are sore… so… pauses I guess that means you have succeeded once again. You’ve given us enough to keep reading, and want to read more. I will just have to wait until the next 100 Word Song. That is the object, yes? ;-)

  4. I love your 100 word stories… wait, I love Helene… wait, I love when you wrote about you and anxiety and life. Wait!!
    I love all your writing. :-)

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  6. I so love it when a really good tune is chosen (thanks k~!), and as always Lance – you kill me with details like the reaction to the patio door. When I grow up, I wanna be a writer just like you…

  7. Leney’s version of the walk of the shame this morning huh? She truly does try to do the right thing.

    I liked this song, the LIES between people..the things they don’t say are often the things they should shout. It always makes for a good story.

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  12. Yay! I finally found my voice for this prompt. Whew! Gotta catch up on Helene. I’m behind due to my writing sabbatical :/

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  14. I need to remember to take a second to comment when I stop in. I love that Helene looked out for Sadie. It tells me she’s not completely selfish and there is still hope for her yet.

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