Before you read this you HAVE to read this:

Annoying specks of silver lint on the jacket of her black Armani pants suit distracted Millicent Stingley from her task. She picked the pieces and wiped in a tissue that she tossed in a dark green trash can by the bathroom. Three feet away, splayed over the middle of the hotel suite’s king sized bed, her poison victim became unconscious. A grey Walther p22 slipped from Pauley’s limp right hand. Confident she was safe from trouble, Millicent pulled back the syringe plunger and injected medicine into an intravenous tube hanging over the bed that would eventually find Pauley’s helpless left arm.

Millicent dropped the syringe in her Prada handbag. She pulled out a copy of Vogue and sat in a padded red and green chair crossing her long legs. Several minutes passed while she read an article on Kate Winslet. Pauley woke with a gasp. Millicent leaped toward the bed and pulled Pauley’s gun away from  her flopping right hand.

“Calm down Pauley. The antidote acts smoother if you breathe in a relaxed fashion. You can use your gun in a couple of hours.”

Pauley’s glossy-eyed stare showed she was far from over her cyanide episode. Millicent placed the gun on top of her bag and sat back in the chair, determined to finish the Winslet profile. Pauley whispered to her peculiar nursemaid.

“Who are you?”

Millicent sighed and closed her magazine. She got up and checked the tube in Pauley’s arm. Her pinkish skin was turning back to a normal light beige.

“The sodium nitrite and thiosulfate cocktail I gave you is neutralizing the toxin. But, if I were you, I’d find a tanning salon to make your skin more presentable.”

Pauley furrowed her brow and craned her neck looking for her gun. Millicent rolled her eyes and extended her right hand.

“I’m Millicent Stingley. Your boss contacted me. You’re lucky I was in New York for a chemist’s conference or the glass of cyanide Merlot you drank would have killed you.”

*****blogger’s note****

This is a special event. My writing friend Tara, pronounced Tar rah, from Thin Spiral Notebook and I teamed up my serial killer “Cinnamon Girl” Millicent with her assassin Pauley. These posts are for Trifecta Writing’s “Trouble” prompt

Today’s song is from Seether. Here’s the rockin’ Remedy:


44 thoughts on “Remedy

  1. I also love the joint effort! And I love that her name is Millicent and she’s an assassin despite the old-fashioned name. What I really want to know is: why is she attending a chemist’s conference?

    • Hi annabelle…thanks for coming over. Millicent is a short story – Cinnamon Girl – I wrote late last year. She’s a fifth generation apothecary or chemist. She makes drugs for a living. She’s also a sociopath who kills.

  2. TheKirCorner

    I love that she’s a chemist and a bad girl (or maybe good too soemwhere deep in her dark heart ) I just loved the collaboration, your words together made a fantastic scene for all of us.

    pieces of silver link on my black Armani would drive me crazy too, I feel her pain.

  3. Heather

    This. was. epic. You & Tara are a great combo. I really hope that you two will write together again, or perhaps keep this going in some way? It was PERFECTION.

  4. This is great! I had just finished reading her piece! You guys need to finish the whole books so I can read it 🙂 Although I could see it as a script because of all the action…

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