Every Day I Write The Book


Robots, rockstars, a grieving parent, 100 Word Songs and my personal adventures as a man surrounded by women prompt a daily spectacle that over a hundred and fifty of you choose to click. Breaks at work, laying by the pool, watching sports, and stretched out on my bed on a saturday morning are how I provide something worth your internet surf. Four hundred and eighty five posts covering two years and three days later, blogging has made me a better writer and person . As Helene rocks her way into your hands and kindles, I’ll keep showing you my soul.

****blogger’s note****

May 23, 2010 I took my wife’s advice and staretd My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. I decided to recognize it in 100 words through my friend Velvet’s 100 Word challenge. http://www.velvetverbosity.com/  Her word this week was “SPECTACLE” .Thanks for reading, commenting, tweeting, the facebooking, and allowing me into your consciousness. Happy 2, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.

Here’s the great Elvis Costello.


40 thoughts on “Every Day I Write The Book

  1. Congrats! I have no clue as to my exact “anniversary” date at I started, deleted and then continued on for a bit, but I’m more than willing to send you a virtual beer and high-five for your two year celebration. I’m so glad you started when you did and I discovered you in this great big world ‘o blogs.

  2. Happy Duece, Lance! It’s been a treat for me to read your work in a medium dominated by women. (Let’s face it, most bloggers are chicks. No offense, Ladies). I have enjoyed your work, an look forward to more great stories!

    • I know. Its why I admire you, t, Alan and the few dudes who rock with us on the innertwitterwebz…thanks. Your 100 word song interps are awesome.

  3. Eric! (bawk, bawk,, bawk!) Interestingly my bloggy friends used to be (way back in the once upon a time) mostly male. Now, indeed, mostly female. The chick(en)s are running the coop. Taking that analogy out there . . . there can only be ONE cock of the walk in any given coop.

    That said . . . happy blogiversary, Lance. It’s nice to get to know you through VV and Trifecta and 100 Word Song. Keep writing – we’ll keep reading. It’s a catharsis on both sides.

    • thanks Barbara. I like how some of you have become dinner discussion fodder between my wife and cousin at a restaurant on a Friday night. i’ll keep reading you too. word nerds!

  4. Happy anniversary! I’m sure everyone will agree we’re glad you took the plunge and followed your wife’s most excellent advice 🙂

    My two year is coming up soon…August I think. I’m planning a little shake up LOL

  5. I have to agree with Eric, the majority of bloggers are female, though I have collected my treasures to read of men along the way. Congrats on your two year mark.

  6. Happy two years to you, Lance.

    So very glad my path finally crossed yours (or yours crossed mine or what the hell we found each other).

    Cheers to the next 485…

    You’re a class act.

  7. TheKirCorner

    First WHY doesn’t your blog like me??? It ate my comment again…

    I am sorry I am late, I was vacationing and I have the tans lines to prove it. Listen Lance being honest I was scared when I came to your blog…and most days I think I am too “vanilla” to be hanging out here but….you let me stay, you encourage me, you read my chick stuff…and somewhere along the way I fell in love with Helene and Cinnamon girl and your words. So thank u for that…for opening up my world. Here’s to everday…keep writing that book my friend, I’m here and reading. (let me know where the party is…I’m sooo there!)

    • it’s because you email is from a business. it goes to spam.

      thank you for all these kind words. Marian’s the party person. wahtever she wants.

  8. I’ve been blogging since 2008. And have met very, very few bloggers/writers that I truly give a shit about. And for those I consider a friend, nothing is more fascinating to me than to see them grow as writers and human beings. You’re pretty awesome, ya know. Lots of gifts you have. Lots of strength.

  9. Congrats, Lance! I’m sending some virtual cotton your way for your two-year anniversary. Here’s to many more years of good music and great writing!

    P.S. I like the Elvis Costello- “Spectacle” link too.

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