Harder To Breathe


Last time with Helene Troy:  https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/all-my-life/

Helene let go of Sadie and Mara. The air in the Soho loft seemed thick as their facial expressions seemed opposite of hers.

“What’s wrong?”

Mara grabbed the newspaper from Helene then stepped toward Sadie, reading aloud.

“If possession is nine tenths of the law then Helene Troy in the rightful proprietor of The Greek Club, several hundred fans’ adoration, and any chance that Slipper Socks Medium has at success.”

Mara shook her head and yelled to the manager.

“Can you just give me my money for the other night? I need to go find another band to play with.”

****blogger’s note****

This is a new story episode of The Ballad of Helene Troy. You can find the rest of the story, so far, here: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/the-ballad-of-helene-troy/ It’s also my response to my friend Velvet’s 100 word challenge http://www.velvetverbosity.com/ The word is “POSSESSION”.

Today’s song is something I heard in the car with daughters. I thought it fit here, conveying tension. It played in my head as I edited this little piece. Here’s my favorite band that my teenager and I both like, Maroon 5 with Harder To Breathe.


15 thoughts on “Harder To Breathe

  1. Ohhhh Mara is showing her ass-ets already. I wondered how long it might take before the jealousy started seeping into her moments. Well let’s just see how well she does with that! hah!

  2. TheKirCorner

    I love Maroon 5, did you know Adam Levine is single again? (oops what was I talking about? LOL)

    Jealousy is an emotion I don’t like. I feel it sure, but I hate myself when I do. I want to believe that it’s not a worthy feeling, but damn when someone has something that I want or gets attention I am vying for (like Mara) it’s hard to be rational isn’t it? Mara wants to feel like she is “just as” and if she’s not, if that is evident, then yes this is going to go badly…fast.

    I really love Helene’s story, I like her “FIGHT”…can’t wait to see her get what she wants.

    (P.S. thank you for using a song and band that didn’t make my ears bleed.)

    • i’ll ignore teh Levine stuff and just sat Leney’s “fight” is more with herself than the band or Ramona. there’s more fight coming. thank you.

      • TheKirCorner

        seriously are you jinxing my Levine stuff, I just heard on the radio 2 minutes ago, that he is dating ANOTHER VS model, WHA???

        um, stop stepping on my fantasies buddy,

        yes, her fight is internal…but that’s what makes it so good. That fight with your insides, that gut reaction and the KNOWING you are made for something, someone, more. That is worth every bit of sweat.

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