Jenny Was A Friend


More adventures with your favorite serial killer, Millicent –


It wasn’t the first time she’d killed a friend, but it was the only time she’d felt regret. As Jenny twitched from the poison, Millicent wondered how she’d find a chemistry lab partner so late in the semester.


This is a 33 word super short story for Trifecta Writing weekend exercise: Complete the following story in 33 words:

‘It wasn’t the first time.’

You can find more about Millicent here: & here:

Today’s song is a tribute to Millicent friendly victim Here’s The Killers Jenny Was A Friend.


36 thoughts on “Jenny Was A Friend

  1. TheKirCorner

    Oh Millicent, you hurt so bad girlfriend. It’s really the way you write her, it’s impossible to hate her, but wow, I never want to get on the bad side of that woman. (although I might steal her Prada suits and Shoes before I run away !)

    in just 38 words, my heart stopped …that’s some good writing my friend.

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