100 Word Song – Elephant


I’m in awe of how creative all of you 100 word singers were, last week. From sweet posts about to childhood innocence to brutal honesty of mental illness, each of you showed artistic power. After a presentation of goth rock and the misery of the dark side, we lightened thing with the OK Go cut, This Too Shall Pass. One entry really grabbed the spirit of the tune and of the week’s theme. I’m not surprised Dawn delivered one of the best 100. The group, Ok Go, is a Chicago product and Dawn represents the Windy City with gusto and ribald humor. Her piece just hit me, and many others, the right way http://www.thedawnieproject.com/2012/06/dating-101-ok-go.html Dawn’s touching but funny way of looking at dating builds into this week’s 100 word song. Dawn has great musical taste. We talk bands everyday. I asked her to choose this week’s writing exercise and she offered underrated Irish rocker Damien Rice’s Elephant. This stripped down, amazingly tortured song about love, loss, sex, longing, and wanting something visceral, opens lots of doors for you all to write. It also works perfectly for the next episode of Soul To Body.

Here’s my 100.

The red light taunted Jake as tapped his left foot on the floorboard while his right anchored the brake. Violet still wasn’t answering calls and texts. His mind drifted into thoughts of his teenage daughter acting out with her boyfriend, Davey. Jake’s phone danced on the console. The light turned green. He hit the accelerator without identifying the caller.

“Just calling to tell you how much I enjoyed earlier. It’s my turn, so wanna go see some live music Friday night?’

Jake smirked and remembered Mallory’s long legs crossing at Starbucks.

“Awesome Mallory, but let me call you later. “

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Anything you need to know about 100 word song is here: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/100-word-song/ 

You have until next Tuesday at 7pm to write 100 words inspired by Damien Rice’s Elephant.


30 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Elephant

  1. Mallory has some kind of timing. Violet is going to have to figure out pretty soon, that she is responsible for her own actions, moods, thoughts, etc… and that her dad has to have a life of his own. Before she does though, maybe she can distract Jake long enough for him to meet a gal worthy of his attention. Danged that long-legged temptress any who!

    • wow! that was quick. yeah…the crux of this story is how the emotions of a man, a child, and their places in each other’s lives work. thank you

  2. Always a pleasure reading your posts, and really loving these 100 word song prompts. Even when I don’t allow myself time to participate I try to click over to all the linked posts. I really enjoy seeing what everyone gets from the songs. It’s a beautiful thing when a song can evoke so many different emotions. Now I’m off to go write my response to Elephant!

    • Tar Rah, its his hormones tat are making him digress. I don’t think he’s becoming a child, I think he’s hiding behind loneliness and lust.

  3. TheKirCorner

    This song slayed me, (and I don’t use words like that) I read the lyrics and then because I had time last night I listened to it. I was literally a puddle.

    what I am liking about the dynamic between Mallory, Jake and Violet is that it reads true. 16 yr old girls are not going to like a lot of things about their parents and while I’d like to sit down with Vi and say “Look, someday you’re going to feel lust/love for someone that might not be such a good choice and your dad is going to love you anyway..give him a break” I know it’s not that simple.

    tell us, will Jake ever meet a woman that lives up to Camille and gains Violet’s approval?

  4. You’ve shown us Mallory a few times, and a couple of Camille flashbacks, and some Violet. You know what I want? I want Jake to feel disloyal to Camille. Not about Mallory, necessarily, because he’s already grappling with that. But I want him to have a really negative memory of Camille, a down dirty fight that he doesn’t want to remember. Like maybe Vi fights exactly like her Mom and he can’t avoid it or something. That’s what I want.

  5. A small critique in that the transition from the phone ringing to him picking it up isn’t clear. I had to stop and re read that before I got that he was talking to Mallory.

    Still don’t like her. She totally rubs me wrong. And this frantic driving, not thinking on jakes part makes me wonder if that truck doesn’t end up crashing…

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