She’s In Fashion


Before you read this go read THIS: – Part 3, called Dressed To Kill

Pauley’s heavy eyelids fluttered in a struggle to become conscious. She heard someone rustling and murmuring in a nearby closet. Millicent’s off-key singing to an unfamiliar pop song annoyed Pauley as she scanned the room for her gun. Removing the IV from her left arm, Pauley grimaced through the sting and sat up in bed. The room stopped spinning and her vision cleared. Remembering her weapon on top of Millicent’s purse, earlier, Pauley swung her legs to the floor and stepped to the nightstand.

“Really, Pauley? Do you sleep with that damn thing like it’s a teddy bear?”

Pauley turned her groggy head to the left and saw the tall, curvy woman holding a Walther handgun with both hands, aimed to fire at Pauley’s head.

“You can have your gun back if you behave. I hate them. Poison’s much more sophisticated and a lot less messy. Now, come in here and let me show you these fabulous clothes my friend brought you.”

Millicent never lowered the gun as she backed from the room to the closet. Pauley looked around for something she could use to hurt her. Millicent had hidden everything.  Frustrated in finding leverage, Pauley took two large steps and called out.

“What did you say your name was? And how do you know Butch?”

Millicent came back holding a blue dress by its metal hanger in her left hand and Pauley’s gun in her right.

“I’m Millicent Stingley. Butch is an old friend. Let’s leave it at that.”

Millicent tossed her long, full brown hair from side to side and eyed Pauley’s smallish figure in comparison to the dress. She was impressed with her choice.

“Oh, Pauley. I hate Jersey dresses because they make my hips and ass look humongous but on you, this Diane von Furstenberg will be stunning. The blue will make your green eyes pop, and the black belt accessory is perfect. Are your ears pierced? I forgot to look. I assume every woman has had her ears done.”

Pauley chewed on her bottom lip until the taste of blood mixed with the medicine in her palette. She wanted to kill Millicent, find her boss, Butch, and kill him too. For the moment, she settled for answers.

Millicent read Pauley’s body language and sighed. Her instructions were to save Pauley from the cyanide poisoning, hold her in New York until Butch could talk to her, and she’d be out of her debt. Now she had a young, headstrong killer standing in front of her and no way to fight off an attack. Lying would be her only counter measure.

“You kill me, Pauley, then getting your drink dosed by an idiot will be the least of your concerns. Butch wants me alive more than you so, try on this dress and let’s talk about make-up.”

Pauley felt the silk fabric as Millicent passed the garment over. She took Millicent’s bluff and walked into the bathroom to change clothes. 

****blogger’s note****

This is my collaboration with my dear friend Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook  She created a twenty-something assassin named Pauley and I’m teaming my sociopathic serial killer, Millicent Every two weeks Tara and I will give you two episodes, one on her blog, one on mine of the story until it completion. Hope you enjoy the serialization of serial killers.

Today’s song is the first thing that jumped in my head when I started writing. Suede is one of the most underrated Brit-pop bands ever. Here’s their 1999 hit, She’s In Fashion.


31 thoughts on “She’s In Fashion

  1. TheKirCorner

    Well if there is one way to grab MY attention this early in the morning it’s talking about dresses and makeup, the only thing better would have been Jimmy Choos dangling from her fingertips.

    Both women are so interesting and bad…in such a good way. WOMEN at odds always make such good stories, can’t wait for the summer of “serial sisters” , looks like it’s gonna be Killer!!!! 😉

    Great story Lance!

      • Hmmm… I don’t know how to answer this with grace Lance. I like Millicent and Pauly meeting. I like it, but I like Millicent’s character better left in your hands. I liked the last installment of this story better than this one. She seemed more real to me when you were her character, and Pauly was Tara’s. When Tara attempts to be Millicent, she changes her foundation… Yes I like it, but it’s not the same story as it started out as, Millicent is not the same Cinnamon Girl she was, and I am having a difficult time adjusting to the new one.

  2. I am LOVING this. You and Tara are a formidable team. And I can’t wait to see how Pauley and Millicent fight through this one. I want them to come out of it a stronger team, perhaps motivated by mutual need to get rid of the bad guy.

  3. I feel like Pauley is an animal waiting to attack. Millicent just threw her some meat and hope she’d be satisfied. I’m guessing that Pauley won’t stay that appeased for long.

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