100 Word Song – Pain Lies On The Riverside


I think I’m enjoying the grumbling over the song choices juxtaposed against the brilliant entries that result the most about each week’s 100 word song. There wasn’t a single good entry, they were all great. One of Leeroy’s favorite 100 word singers is Eric from Sinistral Scribblings  
http://sinistralscribblings.com/100-word-song/the-cab/ He’s a really prolific writer of several genres along with personal posts. His 100 last week was a futuristic noir piece that just jumped off the page. I must have read it 10 times. Eric has really good music tastes so Leeroy trusted him with this week’s selection. He chose Pain Lies On The Riverside by Live, a mid 1990s band from York, Pennsylvania. You may remember their songs Selling The Drama or Lightning Crashes. This choice played perfectly into my 100 not only for Leeroy but also Velvet and her verbosity, her word is “REFLECTING”http://www.velvetverbosity.com/ . We go back to Soul To Body.

Last time: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/100-word-song-elephant/

.Mallory’s “yes!” into the phone made Jake smile.  He slammed his brakes. The truck driver in front of him raised his hands in frustration of Jake almost hitting him again. A train approached.

“Mallory, let’s talk after Violet goes to bed. I’m turning around at this railroad crossing by the river.”

As Mallory continued talking. he dropped the phone in the floorboard while turning the wheel. He unbuckled and bent down. His u-turning Blazer veered into a dumptruck rolling down the street. His bloodied face reflecting off sunlight in the car’s crunched metal was Jake’s last memory before unconsciousness.


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

The good news about Eric’s pick? It’s upbeat, it rocks, and its versatile for interpretation. Loss, pain, heartbreak, dark comedy, action, horror, suspense; it’s all there. I expect more amazing work from you Leeroy loving writers.

As always, everything you need to know about 100 word song is here: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/100-word-song/

See ya’ll next Tuesday night with a new song and more awesome writing to talk about.

Here’s this week’s 100 word song Pain Lies On The Riverside, by Live.


38 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Pain Lies On The Riverside

  1. Damn cliffhangers are going to be the death of me!Awesome 100 Lance… And I LOVE LIVE (though selling the drama is my personal favorite) and hey…have you noted the time? Are you posting early or is it just me…lord knows I’ve lost all sense of it lately…

  2. Jeebus! You can’t u-turn a Blazer like that! Well, not successfully anyway. Great 100, Lance.

    Thank you and Leeroy for choosing me this week. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my song chosen weeks ago – y’know, just in case. Kind of a “what if…?”

    • ha! several of my 100 word singers have told me they something picked out before asked. that’s great. exactly. I have an explorer their turning radiuses are terrible, esp on the phone

  3. I feel bad for Jake. Those moments where just one stupid mistake totally ruins a life (or potentially so) are possibly the worst moments one can experience.

    And I agree, the thing I love best about being in a room full of music heads is the grumblings!

  4. TheKirCorner

    well I should say you shouldn’t be on the phone while driving, but he’s been on the phone with Violet too and truth be told , he could have had this accident trying to get in touch with her, it’s not Mallory;s (that crazy bitch) fault that he answered the phone or dropped the phone etc.

    but now I’m worried about Jake and don’t want a big UGLY scene with Violet and Mallory over his coma induced body. Or…..maybe I do. 😉

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