I don’t remember being sane, but I do recall when I completely went off the deep end. It was when I became a father. I’m not telling you that my children made me certifiable, but I’m verifying that they made it official.

More than Helene Troy becoming the book you read on your vacation or your next plane flight and more than I want the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl, I wish for my three daughters to be healthy and happy in spite of their dad. Sometimes this means I need to get the hell out of their way and sell my crazy, elsewhere.

My girls, their amazing mother, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, and my oldest daughter’s friend are riding roller coasters at Hollywood Studios. I’m in a hotel room worried about blog, a few paragraphs of Helene that I think need sprucing, and taking anxiety medication because I’m having a bad day with my crazy.

Its Father’s Day and for weeks I debated whether I should hang out with them or stay here, poolside, writing. I went to Animal Kingdom and when I felt myself drifting into jerk city, I doubled back. It was one of my finest moments as a father. Instead of ruining their fun, I got the hell out.

We’ll be apart for three hours. When they return they’ll make me dinner and do something terrific that I’m clueless about. They always come through. But for now, this is about recognizing me being awesome.

This is a great Father’s Day. I didn’t screw this one up by being crazy.

To those who get it and do it right, Happy Father’s Day.

100 word song return Tuesday with Tara handling the honors since I’m vacationing. Helene’s after that on Wednesday.

Here’s Gnarls Barkley.


15 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. We all get a ticket for the Crazy Train when we have kids. Your women folk at lucky to have your around, and that you recognize that 24/7 togetherness is not necessarily the best thing. Enjoy your ladies, and your ‘me time.’ Happy Dad’s Day!

    Don’t worry about Leeroy, he and I have an understanding.

  2. Great sentiment, Lance! I let others make the plans today, all the while they asked what I wanted to do. Really I wanted to enjoy my family enjoying themselves. Fortunately that meant we could actually all hang together. Lol

  3. Kudos to you for knowing yourself well enough to do what is necessary. You probably all needed the break. Happy Father’s day to one who gets it, and gets it right 🙂

  4. I wish my crazy ex boyfriend had done that during the five years we were together. But if he turned and left every time he was about to be horrific I never would have seen him.

  5. Ah Lance, you know I just love when you write memoir because it’s so honest and raw and I can relate to so much of it, even though I’m not a father. My daughter made it official with me too, and yes, there have been many times I have wished for my own daughter to turn out okay. But you know, we do the best we can, and being a creative type parent isn’t easy on kids, but neither are a lot of other things that are considered okay, even mainstream. At least ours will be a bit more worldly, if anything, or at least, we can hope so! Happy Father’s Day, Lance.

  6. Here’s to crazy dads! Every kid should have one. I know I couldn’t have become who I’m becoming without mine, and hopefully someday my kids will be able to say the same =]

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