Street Fighting Man


Everything about me is bullshit. My alter ego, Tyler Durden, says beating each other up and exploding financial institutions will liberate us. We, I mean, I’ve gone too far. Hold my hand Marla.

****blogger’s note****

My weekend trifextra challenge was retell your favorite book in only 33 words. Everyone knows how much I adore Fight Club. Here’s my 33 word version and a song by The Rolling Stones.




31 thoughts on “Street Fighting Man

  1. Nice! ooh I like this game.

    I have everything. Right? But Tom Buchanan was *born* with everything. Tom has Daisy. How can that make everything else I’ve accomplished seem like nothing? It’s not enough. I’m not enough. I’m nothing.
    — Great Gatsby

  2. The movie rocked, haven’t read the book, though. I’ve always said that Helena Bonham Carter should play me in a movie about my life. Which would probably be the most boring movie ever, which means it would probably win an Oscar.

    • i read the book before the movie because well you know, i’m a jerk like that.

      it stays faihful.

      Helena Carter is my wife’s fav actress…hmmmm

  3. I loved this, it was perfect. And looks right at home there next to that pic of Tyler. Nice song choice too. Amazing how well those Brits do the dirty South sound.
    Thanks for playing. Come on back Monday for the big 33rd challenge, it’s going to be fun.

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