American Girl


Out of her element, she traipses across the stage a little too fast. Reddish-blonde hair, curled with attitude in mom’s bathroom hours earlier, bounces on her petite t-shirted shoulders. She twists, turns, then employs a sashay. The announcer thanks the young beauty pageant contestant.

Tortured minutes pass. Frightened, she returns to face the crowd. Her face fireworks when the announcer says she’s won.

Pushing her head through a sash, she grabs the trophy and smiles from the fit of the tiara. Then she displays something in public she’d only dreamed. Miss Infinity shows new found swagger, stage left.

****blogger’s note****

On Saturday, my teenage daughter, Tay, signed up for her first beauty pageant. One hundred percent of the proceeds went to brain cancer research and patients. The attire was jeans and t-shirts. Her grandfather passed from brain cancer in March, so she did this in his honor. She won. This is a proud parent moment in the form of 100 words for @velvetverbosity “Swagger” word this week.

Today’s song came via the twitter from my friend Marian. I know Tom Petty’s American Girl is known for being in Silence of the Lambs when Buffalo Bill takes the Senator’s daughter so let’s give it another image. Here’s to Tay’s big win, my father’s pride for my American Girl.


33 thoughts on “American Girl

  1. Sweet – in both the “very cool” and the “happy father moment” kind of way. 🙂 I love the way you ended this: “Miss Infinity shows new found swagger, stage left.” And congrats to your daughter!

  2. TheKirCorner

    I saw this on FB and was just thrilled for her and your family. She looked gorgeous! Out of loss comes something soooo good, that is making me teary. Proud Papa indeed.

    • waaaaay too compliments. You might make me get off the couch, sashay, wave, and flip my hair. …thanks dude…she and her mom are drop dead beautiful

  3. I saw your pictures and was so excited for her–not because she won, as much as because it was such a neat chance for her to do something great for such a great cause so close to her (big giant) heart.

    But I loved how it went from a “sashay” to a “swagger.” Get it, girl!

    • yeah…she’s went from scared shy little girl to confident young lady in just a few minutes. pageant or not, you would have been proud of her guts.

  4. When I intuited that your daughter was in a beauty pageant, I’ll admit I cringed. Then when I saw this, and the cause, and the attire – is there an opposite of cringe? This was really sweet of and for your daughter. Congrats to her and the proud parents. 🙂

  5. Yep, its got proud papa written all over it. I love the words you chose to use in this too that really made it all come to life in my head—“her face fireworks” wow!! That’s some image. Really loved it. Congratulations Tay!

  6. i didn’t know your word was “swagger” when i suggested this song, but that’s the first word i think of when i think of Tom Petty. i think i even have a poem about him with the word swagger in it. and i am super pleased to see that Tay found her swagger, if she didn’t have it before. that’s wonderful.

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