I’m Free


The best aspect of being a writer is the freedom of time, imagination, and wonder. You can write four stories simultaneously.

Helene walked past smiles, head nods, and mouthed “wows” of the other musicians. She unstrapped her electric guitar, pulled it off her right shoulder and turned look at the stage. Sadie couldn’t contain her embullience.

“Leney, you did it! You just played Madison S…….”

“Daddy, I changed my mind, I’m a little hungry I want cheese ravioli too.”

Millicent rose in front of the judge. Her posture was and her face was stern but proud. She ran her manicured hands over the front of her Versace business suit, smoothing out tiny wrinkles. Her attorney, Reeve Mattox gave her left hand a gentle squeeze, but Millicent pulled away and smirked. The judge sighed and began reading.

“Millicent Stingley, on count one, murder in the first degree, the court finds you……”

“Daddy, can you open the basement door. We want to get our scooters out.”

Jake realized how importance of his relationship with Violet. Two weeks apart, under such strain and conflict had hurt him almost as much as Camille’s death. He read Mallory text one more time.

“Jake, I’ll be whatever you want me to be. I’m at The Ritz Carlton, room 327. Please come.”

He stood in front of the Hotel and dialed his phone. Violet answered.

“Vi, come home, I’ll be…..”

“Hey, um, can I go across the street to the neighbor’s house for like an hour? You’ll have to watch my sisters.”

Caleb and Breann stood in the hallway of the Hospital. Several nurses ran by and Breann saw Ava carrying a baby, swaddled in a gray blanket.

“Caleb, surely not! Not again!”

Caleb ran after Ava. She threw her right hip into an operating room door. Calen heard a lock move into place. Through a small window, Caleb saw Ava hand the infant to a nurse, who then unwrapped the child to ready for surgery. Caleb clenched his left fist and hit the window with he bottom of his hand.

“Ava! Open this door!”

Ava shook her head and walked to a green curtain and pulled it around the surgical area. Breann joined Caleb at the operating room door.

“Caleb’s what are they doing?”

Caleb’s face turned pale. He embraced Breann and whispered.

“The same…..

“Hey honey, it’s me. Just wanted to hear your voice. You can put the chicken back in the freezer. We’re eating at mom’s tonight.

I’m free, to do what I want any ole time.

Dude Write****blogger’s note****

This is a piece of somewhat creative nonfiction, about fiction, for Write On Edge’s “Freedom”. I hope they get what I was trying to do, here. Red ink is non-fiction.

Here’s The Soup Dragons’ I’m Free. Dance, ya’ll.


47 thoughts on “I’m Free

  1. Oh, what an awesome idea. I feel like a total loser because of the amount of time I actually DO have to spend writing. The fact that one of my kids is probably a better writer than me and is always free to bounce ideas off of, the fact that my husband would move the planet for me for any reason at all, yet here I sit…. excited that I wrote a measly sentence yesterday. Knowing that no mind trick or motivational blog post or tickling muse is going to write this goddamned book for me, and I am just going to have to buck up and get over myself. BAH! Damnit….

    • Bobina is great at giving me time and space…for the most part. Its just hard, writing with wife, kids, real job, stuff. But I still do it, and still love it.

  2. TheKirCorner

    I write at work 😉 which is less like this, believe it or not. Hmmm.

    When I write at home, it’s more like this, the boys running in, wanting to type, wanting a yogurt or to read a book, John is good at keeping them occupied but hey sometimes they need their mom, need/want the attention.

    but I loved your take, that freedom is double edged, that it’s worth fighting for, that it’s set WITHIN your life instead on the outskirts of it, it’s always there, it’s just always being tested.

    (I think that’s a given when “mom”, “dad”, “Wife” “husband” is added to your labels.)

  3. great post Lance. So true. I have so many characters dancing in my head and yet not enough time to get them down.

    Here’s to freedom! And captivity to our passions 😉

  4. That freedom is great! The only issue I have sometimes is that much freedom can be paralyzing at times – what do I write about, which story to work on, which idea to persue…

    But it is a wonderful problem to have, isn’t it?

  5. Sigh. It’s funny, the freedom and non-freedom. I don’t get any writing done during the day. I can read with the kids in the background and upload pictures and do all sorts of writer-housekeeping, but I can’t actually get words on the screen 😦 It makes for late nights.

    I like this and how the interruptions are real life breaks in your consciousness, giving you the breath to switch into another one of your worlds.

  6. Awwww!

    Okay girl noises out of the way. I love this post. I really do. I also live it, minus kids. And I bounce between the idea storms in my head and my husband’s questions and his need to have me with him when he watches TV. I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

    Love the take on the prompt!

    • thanks…truth is I had another Helene or Millicent story lined up then the kids started their stuff and it fell into place. organic is always best.

  7. Hmmm, some would call this freedom, others purgatory. My ADHD is enough like this without having the kids and the dogs and my wife calling my name. It takes more than a moment to get back into the moment.

    Kudos to you if you can keep the trains on the tracks.


  8. How true. When it comes to fiction, I always have a ton of things started. This is really only due to the fact that I am only really creative enough to set a scene and start a story, and perpetually unable to finish it.

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