Divine Thing


Before your read this, go read this by Tarahttp://thinspiralnotebook.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/clothes-make-the-woman/

The pound on the door startled Millicent enough to make her jump. Pauley showed no emotion as she walked to the door. She held her gun in her right hand, unlocked the safety, and raised it to match her line of sight, just in case. She stepped away from the peephole and bellowed.

“What kind of sauce does Mama Geno use on her tortellini?”

Pauley tightened her grip on the weapon and smirked at the sound of a deep, throaty chuckle from the other side of the door.

“Mama Geno can’t cook for shit. She uses Ragu straight from the bottle.”

Pauley grinned and opened the door with her left hand. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Millicent sneak behind the bathroom door.

“Smart girl”, Pauley muttered to herself.

Butch walked in and stared at Pauley’s gun, just inches away from his face. He pushed the door shut.

“Pauley! That Mama Geno thing your dad taught you cracks me up every time!”

Pauley lowered her weapon, clicked on the safety and accepted Butch’s bear hug. She pushed him away and narrowed her eyes.

“Butch, you sonuvabitch! What the hell happened?”

Millicent appeared from the bathroom. Her posture was perfect. She smoothed out her long dark hair with her hands and smiled. Butch looked at Artie’s daughter. He hadn’t met her in person before. Pauley rolled her eyes at Butch’s gawking of Millicent tall, curvy figure of lips and hips. Millicent noticed his eyes, too. She knew what to do and what to say. Butch sucked in his middle-aged gut and moved toward Millicent’s extended right hand.

“Well, I have to to say, when Artie told me his daughter was an impressive girl, I didn’t imagine you to actually be one hell of a woman. Thanks for saving my Pauley and dressing her up a bit.”

Millicent accepted Butch’s shake with her right hand and touched his forearm with her left. Men craved female attention, her mother taught her that and the rest she’d learned from watching the men in her life. Millicent’s long eyelashes fluttered as she greeted Butch. She noticed Pauley grip her pistol tighter.

“Butch, Pauley’s been an interesting project. She’s not the best patient, but she’s a fun plaything.”

Butch smiled, released his hand and walked over to the bed where he opened his black leather briefcase. He removed a manila envelope and handed it to Millicent. Pauley fumed. She was supposed to be the hitter not this psychotic beauty pageant contestant.

“Girls, the job’s at The Oracle Casino in Atlantic City.”

Pauley stepped forward and took the pictures and papers away from Millicent.

“Butch, that place is owned by some politican. He hates guns. The security is ridiculous. Why don’t you just let Millie go have a glass of wine and let me get this guy at his hotel or in the parking lot?”

Millicent glared at Pauley. Butch frowned at the tension and tried to wrestle control of his employee.

“Because, the job’s inside the casino. You do the job. You’re the decoy on this one. Millicent’s skills are perfect. I have someone on the inside who will help her, a bartender.”

Millicent showed every capped tooth in her wide smile and stared into Pauley’s disappointed eyes.

“So I’m whore bait?” Pauley sneered. “Dad would be so proud of me now.”

Butch continued to eye Millicent’s figure while talking out of the side of his mouth to Pauley. 

“Your dad understood you do what you gotta do for the job.”

Millicent enjoyed the drama. She turned to Pauley, brought her left hand to her face and tapped her cheek. 

“Well, that means I must teach you how to distract a drunken gambler? Excellent.”

Pauley just wanted to unlock the safety and blow them both away.

****blogger’s note****

This is a new story episode of Dead Money, a summer series I’m collaborating on with my writing partner and friend Tara aka @Tara_R on the twitter and author of Thin Spiral Notebook  http://thinspiralnotebook.wordpress.com/  . We’re combining my serial killer poison expert, Millicent, with her hit-woman with a conscience, Pauley, for a now weekly blog event. Please check out her chapter before mine  http://thinspiralnotebook.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/clothes-make-the-woman/ You can find the rest of the story, so far, here: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/dead-money/  See you next Monday…or else.

Today’s song works on a couple of levels. The lyrics are perfect and you see the weird family dynamics behind the characters, also. I dropped Soup Dragons last week. Their first two albums are in my iPod. Here’s Divine Thing.


16 thoughts on “Divine Thing

  1. Their chemistry is “killer”. The eye rolling and the way Millicent talks down to Pauley is well done. Making sure she lets everyone know she’s the Alpha killer. Love it.

  2. TheKirCorner

    OH Millicent, I want to BE you…without the killing stuff of course, I look awful in jumpsuits and orange.

    Everything about this was good, from the looks from one character to the other, from the tap on her cheek, like a big to little sister…so cool but so condescending too. It was a perfect moment to show who’s more powerful right now. Loved it.

    • weird how people are drawing certain conclusions. I wish you could be on the inside of Tara and I as we iron all of this out. It may surprise you. I’m glad you like this story. Thank you, kirsten

  3. i love the titley’all worked out. Dead Money is fantastic. I love the direction this is going…to a casino, and the battle of power between the two women.

  4. As I said over at Tara’s place, the dynamics between the two is very entertaining. They are SO different in so many ways…yet the same as well. I suspect as the job moves forward and they work together longer those similarities will emerge.

    One thing you two will have to watch as the story evolves is POV. The jumping back and forth within a scene makes me need to re-read which isn’t good. I can see the story told from the POV of each since their observations will obviously differ but it will need to be structured differently.

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