All The Plans


Before you read this, read this:

The hotel vanity mirror showed a version of Pauley she thought the world would never see. In less than twenty minutes, Millicent pinned Pauley’s blonde hair in a pearl barrette, letting some of it fall in a curl over her neck and left shoulder. Pauley couldn’t contain her pink lip-glossed grin.

“Alrighty, girls. I’m heading out. Looks like the plans are good. Any questions?”

Millicent placed a brush on the counter and turned to Butch. Pauley grabbed Millicent left arm. The women met eyes. Pauley lightened her grasp, then made her way past Millicent to the door. Pauley took  a long, deep breath.

“I don’t see why Millie can’t give me the stuff and let me take the guy out?”

Millicent pulled her arm from Pauley, picked up her handbag from the bed, then walked toward Butch.

“You two either need me or you don’t. As great as Pauley looks, she has no clue how to get in with a hardcore gambler. There will be plenty of other women there to turn his head.”

Pauley fumed. She was sick of Millicent’s condescension. Butch shook his head, opened the door, and muttered.

“Either the job gets done by the end of the night, or another job gets done by the morning. You two hear me?”

He didn’t wait for their answer. The door slammed. Millicent stood in defiance with shoulders back, her ample chest out, tossing her long, dark hair over her right shoulder. Pauley picked up her gun and tried to adopt a similar stance. Words her father spoke to her when she started in the assassin business danced in her head.

“Do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Pauley took two steps toward Millicent with her Walther .22 raised above her hip. The barrel was pointed to Millicent’s abdomen. Millicent fortressed herself against the young killer’s intimidation. Pauley turned away, then sat down on the bed and laid the gun on the comforter.

“Okay, Millie. You get your way, for now, talk.”

Millicent craned her neck to make sure the door wasn’t locked. A wave of relief rolled over her.

“First of all, Pauley, in that dress with the slit going as far up as it does, sitting like you’re taking a break from working on the construction site will get you arrested for prostitution. So, cross those legs or getaway sticks or whatever your people call them.”

Pauley laughed and noticed her dress creeping up her thighs. She crossed her legs and placed her hands over her lap. Millicent rolled her eyes and threw her bag on the bed near Pauley’s gun.

“Next, you need to embrace your femininity. In a casino, women can be valuable than the chips on the table. They can distract players, cause dealers to make mistakes, and most importantly, keep attention on themselves while others are doing something else.”

Pauley shook her head in agreement. She became enthralled with the movement of Millicent’s tall, curvy body as she went over how Pauley should ingratiate herself to their intended hit. At one point, Millicent sat down next to Pauley and went over hand motions and how to play with her hair when she talked to the man.

Millicent finished talking and walked toward the bathroom. Pauley looked down at the bed and realized her gun was gone. She stood, twirled around the room searching for the weapon. A click, that tinny sound of the safety being released, stopped Pauley cold. Millicent held the gun a foot away from Pauley’s face.

“Last thing, Pauley. If you don’t stop calling me Millie, I’m going to use this to take off your makeup.”

Pauley smiled. Her hair fell from the pearl barrette.

“Millicent, You’re going to need to fix my hair. We’ve got a job to do.”

****blogger’s note*****

This is the latest chapter in a summer blog series called “Dead Money” I’m posting with my writing partner and friend, Tara aka @Tara_R from the twitter and Thin Spiral Notebook  Please check out her post before this one and read her fine writing. You can find the Dead Money story, so far, here: &

Today’s song is what I had playing while I wrote this. I like Starsailor a lot. This song works lyrically and thematically for this episode. Here’s All The Plans.


18 thoughts on “All The Plans

  1. I was a little surprised by how easily Pauley came around over here. I wanted just a moment between when she put down the gun and when she started listening. I absolutely LOVED the use of fortressed. And the moment when Millicent snuck up behind Pauley with the weapon was BRILLIANT.

  2. I agree with Jessie, when Millicent snuck up on Pauley with the gun in her face, it was an apprehensive moment to remember. She defined her character, and set some good boundaries in the process.

    On the other hand, I am still finding it difficult to see Pauley being happy about wearing pink lip gloss, when everything about her character says otherwise.

    It’s an interesting blend, both in the characters, and how the two of you write them out. I’m enjoying the journey!

  3. The line “If you don’t stop calling me Millie I’m going to use this to take off your make-up.” Awesome line! Crisp writing. This is a great series!

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