Rebel Rebel


No I’m not married or knocked up

don’t care that Holly from high school has a good job

why’s it gotta be all set and backed up?

my vision’s different from yours, but i’m no snob

there’s no timeline, there’s no date

Don’t expect anything now, I can wait

It’ll happen… I think, I hope, I want, I need

I’m not about normal, it’s a rebel creed

Got out of town, went to school

did what that right, but i wanted something more

didn’t just party and be a teenage fool

It’s music, It’s crazy, and it’s my big score

(repeat chorus three times)


****blogger’s note****

This is a song written for The Ballad of Helene Troy called Rebel Creed. I wrote twelve songs for the story. This is probably the most simple and punk based. It follows a standard C/G/F power chord. That’s all I have, music-wise. I cut about 10 words – some I’s and other articles. But you get the jist. It’s also in response to Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge “Rebel” Since I’ve already used Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl in another post. I’ll drop David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel but use Joan Jett’s version to give you some idea of how this would go in a non-fictional world.



19 thoughts on “Rebel Rebel

  1. Nice. Very nice. Now this is a place I have never gone. Song writing, that is. Hmmm…. perhaps. Jake’s got me stuck on the Killers today. I’m glad I’m not in high school anymore or I would have to make sure they are cool before I listen to them. Oh…. and Joan Jett…. Oh my….. She makes me sweat….. No, I did not intend that to rhyme…. crap.

    • Tay Tay listens to The Killers. I know they’re cool for people our age. I like The Runaways, Lita Ford, and Joan Jett. I can write lyrics and play power chords. I need your son to help me with bridges, transitions, and melody.

  2. There aren’t too many times where I begin to feel my age – I still feel like the 17 year old kid who ran off to join the Marines – but I can honestly say I have no idea what the names are of the groups that make up the top 10 in music today.

  3. I am very impressed. Wish I could write a song…spoke volume to me as I have two teenagers. LOL However I was told to behave my age by them too so, I know exactly how a rebel feels…man, I did a few stuffs myself. Especially divorcing at 38!

    I truly enjoyed that.


    a mother’s love

  4. You can actually CALL yourself a songwriter…that’s more than most people 🙂

    I guess to really judge we need this set to music…think you can arrange that 😉

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