Everybody Knows


Last time with Trever Hoyt: https://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/

Groggy and sore, the melodic crunch of shattered glass under his dark blue neoprene bodysuit startled him. He sat up, as if awakened in a coffin, and stared at the night sky blotted by thirty stories of a high-rise office building. His last memory was fighting with Kagan, pulling him away from Ingrid and over one-hundred dinner guests.

He placed two fingers on Kagan’s neck. There was no pulse. The sirens of police cars and ambulances competed with a stiff breeze in his exposed right ear. Part of his cowl was cut away. A police car swerved into the alley. It’s headlights invaded his sight.

“Freeze! Police! Step away from the body with your hands on your head.”

Finding Ingrid and a safe place to hide were his only concerns. He heard guns drawn and calculated less than two seconds to bound over the car. After clearing the police cruiser and landing a hundred feet away, he was at the intersection of the alley and the main street which ran in  front of Ingrid’s building. By the time he arrived at the revolving front door, a crowd of over several dozen people populated the lobby.  The mirrored vestibule and large windows showed how much of his mask was torn away by the glass. Panic set in and he turned to run. A woman’s muffled voice came through.

“Don’t go, Trever! Everybody knows who you really are, now!”

He stopped, as if Ingrid’s sob-filled shout was a brick wall. Trever turned back to the stunned audience inside the building and traveled through the circular entrance. He was no longer anonymous in shadow. The throng of onlookers circled around him. Trever Hoyt pulled the rest of the mask from his sweat-glistened face and stepped toward the open arms of a tearful Ingrid.

*****blogger’s note*****

I’m headed to see the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. In preparation and spirit I thought I’d revisit the superhero character I created for Trifecta a few months ago. I get so sick of the characters in the superhero movies having obvious alter egos and the people not figuring them out. So, here’s a twist. Everyone knows the superhero actually is. It’s also in response to Write On Edge’s Robert Frost poem prompt for Red Writing Hood “We dance around in a ring and suppose But the Secret sits in the middle and  knows? http://writeonedge.com/2012/07/red-writing-hood-prompt-the-secret-sits/

One of the most underrated bands ever is Concrete Blonde. Here’s a song I played often in college. Everybody KNows. It fits the story and the prompt perfectly. This song was in the movie Pump Up The Volume. Johnette’s voice soars.


22 thoughts on “Everybody Knows

  1. I would love to know what happens from here. I can see so many issues with everyone knowing who the superhero is – but it does fit so much better than the way comics the likes of Batman and Spiderman work…

  2. Oops, cat’s out of that bag, like Iron Man, only in a neoprene suit…I love it! Well done!

    Just a minor correction: “It’s headlights invaded’s his sight.” should read “Its headlights invaded his sight.”

  3. Refreshing, different, knowing the secret of who he is. So where does he go and do from here now that everyone is in on his secret? I hope there’s a follow up.

    My kids went to the midnight showing last night and just loved the movie, gushing all over the place. Said it was the best one, on and on! Hope you enjoyed.

  4. Exposed! I admit that is a twist I had not considered, but you are right, there are none that have made over a million that have shared their identities with the world. Time for a new superhero… Trever 🙂 Nice imagery in this Lance.

    • @mamazen ….just got back…posted my reviews ont he twitter and the facebooks but here:

      a little slow in the beginning but the story’s excellent and the ending is perfect. Bane and Catwoman were awesome. “Miranda Tate/Talia Guhl” – not. best trilogy ever. The Dark Knight (2) is the best with 3 (The Dark Knight Rises) close behind.

  5. I’ve always had to check reality at the door, too, to get past the “how can you not know?” I’d love to see this scene fleshed out more, without the tight word count to hold it down.

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