The rise and fall of your ample bosom makes me think with greater clarity. I’m in love with your slumber and more so when you wake. Your second chance at love fortifies me.

*****blogger’s note****

Four years ago I was given a second chance at romantic happiness by my wife. I haven’t always appreciated it, but I try very hard to correct my mistakes. AS she sleeps I write these 33 words in response to Trifecta Writing’s “taking a leap” prompt  inspired by Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon 43 years ago. Bobina was my giant leap for my mankind.

Today’s song is one my my favortie’s about marriage. It’s from my go to band on relationships, Oasis. Here’s the brutally honest Aquiesce. Turn it up, especially if you’re married.


33 thoughts on “Aquiesce

  1. Gina

    Thump, thump. Made my heart beat from such sweet and sensitive sediment. Not often do you hear a man convey his feelings like this. Happy for you! AND have always loved that song for same reasons.

  2. Nice way to share a warm spot with Bobina. I don’t see “marriage” persay in the song, but rather relationships in general, but that doesn’t make it a bad song, just more diverse to me.

  3. unevenstevencu

    hmm normally an ample chest makes me think less clearly 🙂 always have to cheer for second chances and opportunity to prove ourselves

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