The Sixth Circle


From Helene Troy’s songbook:

I’ll never forget it. I remember it so well.

We celebrated your success, on my back

i ignored your theft and hung out in your hell

We drank epicurean and talked Dante

I thought we were rockin the third circle

but the more Dom we poured, I pondered over Broadway

(chorus) –

All I have is who I am

I’d rather you hate the real me

than love some sold out sham

I left you in an expensive puddle, went home with my soul

I’m not innocent, I’m far from good

but the sixth circle can’t have me, it’s a bottomless hole.

(repeat chorus)

****blogger’s note*****

When I first read Velvet’s word for this week’s 100, “Epicurean”  I freaked out. I deplore snobbery, I’m not a foodie, and I don’t drink fine anything. Then, I looked over Helene’s songs and changed fine wine to epicurean and took a pill. I actually think it works better this way. It’s about Case Hill stealing Helene’s songs.  I’ll have to thank Velvet in the book. This song’s called The Sixth Circle, where Epicureans were damned in Dante’s Inferno.

Today’s song is a a little different. I dig this defunct Australian alternative band Epicure, a lot. They had about four good songs. Here’s one of them, about walking a fine line between changing for someone and being yourself. It’s called Tightrope Walker.


14 thoughts on “The Sixth Circle

    • i think your huzbin or someone with musical talent much greater than mine should help me. I have lyrics and attitude…that’s all. my power chords for this stuff, suck.

  1. Speaking of Defunct Aussie Rock, you’d understand this. My children are making me take them to the Wiggles next week. I actually like the Wiggles. But the reason I hated them for so F**KING long? Yeah. The Cockroaches. WTF? Jeff and Anthony could actually SING and PLAY in a REAL band and then they went over to …. Wiggledancing??? But the songs are catchy, they’re less offensive than some kids shit, and I guess I should be grateful that if my kids are going to latch onto a kids music show, they picked one that also snuck in Split Enz form time to time.

    • I couldn’t stand them and neitehr could my girls. I never had to worry about them being played in my house.

      I’m assuming you liked the post…lol

      Split Enz, Crowded House, INXS, Midnight Oil, Silverchair, Ac/DC…the aussies do music well.

      • Will comment on post, but I hate the Wiggles. It sounds like they are all “funny uncles,” when in fact funny uncles are straight, and they make them look SO horrifyingly like those little guys, what are their names, the one that carried a purse and was almost crucified by the Evangelicals? Ah, the Teletubbies. The WIggles are the Teletubbies personified. My daughter cringes, too: As an out lesbian, she thinks they are a stereotypical straight person’s creation… A

  2. Maybe you could hook up with a band to do the music for you? (yeah, like I know what I’m talking about) – I really like the idea of the music being released with the book. 🙂

    And I really like this post!!

  3. This is too great, how you move Helene’s story along through her songbook. The line that got me was “We celebrated your success/on my back,” so ironic that your kickass girl ends up underneath, but it was HIS success, so I guess… (wink). Also, the use of “Epicurean” was PERfect. I am not a snob about anything, and this was brilliant. Amy

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