She’s So Mean


Before your read this, read this one:

Millicent came within two strides of Kip when he pulled a phone from the pocket of his dark slacks. His hands were nervous as he read a message then scanned the dining room to notice anyone watching. Millicent pretended to look in her handbag. She saw Kip walk to a foyer behind the bar and make a call. Millicent took out her own phone and followed him. She pretended to speak into her phone receiver. Kip was so agitated, his voice carried. Millicent heard every word.

“Hey baby. Ummm I don’t know, okay? We need the money and Nate needs my help. He’s got it bad in Rikers. I have to work, okay? Just trust me. Baby, I love you so much. Can’t wait to put a ring on your finger. Soon, baby. I love you. Baby? I said I love you.”

Millicent smiled and dropped her phone in her bag. A young guy in love with a girl who wanted a ring on her finger. Millicent couldn’t have created an easier scenario, she thought. Her smooth nails, painted brick red, clicked on the barrister as she gripped it with her left hand and introduced herself.

“Hi, Kip. I’m Millicent. Butch sent me. We can help each other.”

Using her Georgia accent, the words poured like syrup on a short stack. She put right hand on her hip and met his wide-eyed stare with a conquering grin.

“Butch? Wait. Now? He said like, soon, but that was yesterday.”

Kip’s voice squeaked like a pre-adolescent. It carried over the bar and a couple of other wait staffers looked over. Millicent dropped her arms, hurried to Kip’s side and leaned into his left ear.

“Let’s go some place a touch more private. This has to be done now, okay, Kip?”

She stepped in front of him and he followed like a hungry puppy into the kitchen. Behind several empty produce cartons, Millicent turned, grasped his left arm and led the conversation.

“When are you proposing to her, Kip?”

He froze and realized she’d overheard his call.

“Hey, that sucks to eavesdrop on a personal deal like that!”

Millicent squeezed his arm, narrowed her gaze and let Kip correct himself.

“Okay. I just didn’t think…..I don’t know, I’m broke. Maybe with the money Butch…”

He caught himself and looked away. Millicent let go of him, shrugged her shoulders and lowered her voice.

“How much is Butch paying you, Kip?”

He used the outline of his palms to wipe sweat from his eyes and forehead then slumped.

“Five thousand dollars in my bank account and protection for my brother. He’s in prison for drugs and other stuff. But he’s clean, now. Just having a hard time.”

Millicent saw his fragility. She put her index finger and thumb under his chin, lifting his sad green eyes.

“I’m here to help your brother and get you that girl. I’ll make a phone call. Do you have a picture of her, Kip?”

He smiled, took out his phone and displayed a photo of he and his young, blonde pixie-cut haired girlfriend, hugging. Millicent touched two screens and put her phone to her left ear.

“Solomon? Hello, it’s Millicent Stingley. How’s Norah and the new baby? Good, so very good. Listen I only have a minute but I know this young couple. They’re as cute as two little Pekingnese puppies and they’re getting married, soon. His name is Kip Ebberling and he’s bringing in around five thousand dollars. Could you give him that one and a half karat you were going to sell me last week for the same price? Really? Why thank you, Solomon. He’s coming by tomorrow or the day after. Bye, dear.”

Kip’s eyes enlarged and a smile spread over his scruffy face. He tried to talk but his stammers frustrated Millicent. She pulled him by his shirt collar to within an inch of her red lips.

“You’re welcome, Kip. But if you want to make that little Princess happy, show me the booze you’re serving the Texas Hold’Em Table and ask no questions, got it?”

****blogger’s note****

This is a new chapter of the summer blog series I’m writing with my friend Tara aka @Tara_R from Thin Spiral Notebook called Dead Money. Read her chapter first.

I went with a new song, something perfectly suited with it’s lyrics and something Millicent might actually listen too. Here’s Matchbox Twenty’s new pop song, She’s So Mean.


12 thoughts on “She’s So Mean

  1. You DO write your women well. She is sultry and filthy and gorgeous all at the same time. I can’t decide what I want out of this scene (that’s a good thing) and I can’t wait to see what you and Tara pull out of your collective hats next week.

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