London Calling


Looking over the Thames river, he saw water rising to take it’s revenge. The pharmeucutical-induced lethargy ushered hallucinations. He rolled off the queen- sized mattress, shaking. Feeling dirty, shag carpet on his bare back, he peeked out a tiny window watching yellow-eyed zombies.

Their marching wasn’t the living dead normal. It was purposed; an army of single-minded killers of rebellion. He knew they’d come. It’s why he’d hid and drugged. The door shook.

“Turn down that Crash music, your sister’s sick too!”

He pressed stop.

“It’s The Clash, mom!”

He turned up another cup of medicine and left for London.

****blogger’s note****

It’s a busy week and I’m finishing a book so I combined three prompts, Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word “Lethargy” , Trifecta Writing’s “normal as noun” , and Write On Edge’s 100 word sprint kinda sorta set in or to London

This is in my top five list of favorite songs of all-time. The Clash is my favorite band and they were at their peak with London Calling. I may or may not have duplicated this “scene” in my bedroom growing up. We’ll call it fiction to protect reputations and feelings. Some of you should relate to this 100.

Here’s the only band that mattered.


29 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Oh, I can’t imagine you doing anything like that as a teenager. Ha! At first when you mentioned the zombies I was thrown off knowing that horror isn’t really your usual gig. Then I realized you were talking about the parents. You captured well that disconnect teenagers go through with their parents – thinking their parents sole purpose is to squash any joy or fun they might have. Meanwhile, the poor parents are just trying to keep those reckless creatures alive long enough to “grow out of it”.

    • @velvet thanks you. I figured you’d get this being a parent of one. I may or may not have done this when i was my daughter’s age. shhhhhhh

  2. I miss just turning up the volume to drown out the world. It’s not the same with headphones! Thanks for giving me a great song to get through the day.

  3. Wow… so, I put that song in my post today too, and referred to you as the inspiration for using music in a post… not realising that I actually used the same music. Now I feel silly!

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