Soul Kitchen


Sometimes the sickness mocks the cure and you suffer. The internal storm, always brewing, unleashes it’s fury and you batton your hatches. You never judge, but you wonder. I see it in your eyes and I overthink it means me harm. The diseased wrong that drifts through me is no match for your right.

Leaving you in peace wanders my troubled mind. You still have an open door and a place for my head to rest.

You’re a four-letter word but not the one that we both mutter when times are bad. Tossing disregard for normal and laughing at convention, all of me walks our lives in need of your hand. You never fail to provide it.

There’s another name that should be included next to your first and middle. It’s what you offer in the times of worst and the moments of best. You’re a beautiful kitchen for my beastly soul.

You’re love, care, and another one that makes us be forever.


****blogger’s note****

I try to avoid meme’s because of the pressure and the amount of writing I already have mined up. But Abby  and her issues feels the same as I do about, well, everything. She has so much blogging street cred that when she tagged my cynical robot ass in her “Hope” chain letter, I had to say yes. I won’t tag anyone else because between her and our other blogging friends, everyone I know who would do this is already offered.

One of my favorite song, period, is from Jim Morrison and The Doors. This is about a stoned, paranoid guy looking for shelter from his turbulent storm. But I’ve twisted it to fit my wife, whom this small piece is dedicated. She puts up a lot from my crazy. Here’s Soul Kitchen.


28 thoughts on “Soul Kitchen

  1. Holy crap. I can’t believe you wrote something so great in a span of minutes, my friend. Good lord. And as Melanie will tell you, it’s not a chain letter! She described it perfectly as a place “we could weave together a big, beautiful picture that can help us all get up in the morning.” As semi-cheesy as it is, who doesn’t need that?

    Great post. Thank you for playing along. 🙂

  2. There’s a lot of poetry in here: “Leaving you in peace wanders my troubled mind…” and “All of me walks our lives in need of your hand…” in particular just keep rolling around my head. Lovely. You always have a very genuine tone in your fiction, but it really comes through when you write about your family.

  3. Sometimes the sickness mocks the cure

    >> Would love to see a piece spin off of this phrase. So much truth in so few words.

    >> I’m confused by your use of “overthink” (do you overthink IT or does IT mean you harm? The two thoughts crash into one another. Perhaps I’m overthinking it. *wink*) and “wanders”. Not sure if Mrs. Malaprop has made an appearance or if you’re flashing your poetic license before my blind eyes…

    “You’re a beautiful kitchen for my beastly soul.”

    >> Seems a bit like mixed metaphors here, but it may just be me.

    >> This grammarian is going to demand that you review the distinction between “its” and “it’s”.

    >> In other news, I can feel the intent and the emotion behind your words. I appreciate your change of subject in the line “all of me walks our lives” and the allusion to the four-letter word. I’ll be sure to visit again soon.

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