A Thousand Trees


The rumor entertained, consuming innocence. As information scurried to each person, fear spread as to who it involved. By the end of its vicious cycle, the untruth scorched all the Earth it touched.

***blogger’s note***

This is my 33 word response to the weekend challenge from Trifecta


Give us 33 words (exactly) that tell us three different uses for one object.
But don’t just tell us that a can opener can be used to 1) open cans, 2) open
beer bottles and 3) break a window in case of a fire.

I chose a rumor.

Today’s song is one of my favorites regarding rumors. It’s from Stereophonics (who are awesome), called A Thousand Trees. Pay attention to the lyrics. They’re brilliant.


26 thoughts on “A Thousand Trees

  1. I love this line Lance: “the untruth scorched all the Earth it touched.”

    This could be the end of an apocalyptic novel, or the 33 words you lent it to. I wish more people would think for themselves, and fewer would listen to drivel. 🙂

  2. I’m listening to the music while I type, so excuse typos. Rumors are dirty little things. The interwebz are particularly rife with them, aren’t they? Nice job with the prompt. I like your choice of “object.”

  3. Ok FINE! Heather didn’t really have the herp. Jeez, er’body always gets worked up over it. But I have a good excuse because she tried to steal my boyfriend! Plus, she had terrible skin, so I figured it would be easily believed. Not sure what her acne pocks and herpes have in common, but anyway, she’s my friend on facebook now, so I am assuming all is forgiven?

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