Last time on Dead Money:

Using a pill splitter and test tubes, Millicent created the weapons that would kill Niles Morganstern. Her fingers steadied as Kip bounced into the storage room twice to with nervous energy. Her shoulders firmed and she filled the first tube with three times the dose of acetaminophen a grown man would take for a headache laced with a smattering of strychnine. She could feel Kip’s annoying eyes, so she decided to hurt him.

“Does your future fiance know you’ve decided to become an accomplice to a crime?”

The suction of the first tube’s cap made Millicent smile. She wondered if Pauley felt satisfaction each time she pulled the trigger. She didn’t care about Kip’s answer. But she knew he did.

“No, Millicent. She knows about Butch, sort of.”

Kip’s voice broke, like a scared teenaged boy. Millicent kept firing.

“Give me your phone Kip. Let me be the first person to tell her how far you’ve gone.”

She turned to see his reaction. Sure that she wounded him, Milicent hoped he’d leave her to finish her work in silence. Kip’s posture shrank.

“Please don’t do that. I’m just…. I don’t know.”

She walked to Kip, swallowed hard, and gave the performance required. Millicent grasped his elbows and injected some confidence.

“Kip, it’s okay, really, it is. I’m doing the bad stuff, here. In a few minutes a man and woman sitting at the Texas Hold ‘Em table will order a gin and tonic. I’ll give you two mixtures to add to his drink. You put the dark one in the first drink, then the light one in the second one. I’ll be on the other of the room having a glass of chardonnay. ”

Kip shook his head like an eager toddler wanting out of time out.

Millicent turned and finished the second poison. She picked up her phone and returned Pauley’s texts.

“Done. Look for the bartender and watch the magic happen.”

Millicent put her materials into her handbag, adjusted her outfit, and thought about Kip and his girlfriend. She hoped Kip’s companion was strong enough for the both of them. Walking out of the storage room she dropped the two vials in Kip’s sports coat pocket and caught the leering eyes of two men and a woman as she strutted through the casino’s main room.

****blogger’s note****

This is a new chapter of Dead Money & , the summer blog series about Millicent and Pauley, a pair of female killers created by myself and my writing partner, Tara aka @Tara_R on the twitter and author of the excellent blog, Thin Spiral Notebook Please  read her chapter after mine. :

Today’s song just played in my head as I outlined, wrote, and refined this piece. I think it fits. Here’s Fiona Apple’s Criminal.


18 thoughts on “Criminal

  1. I am really enjoying this story. The women are so different, and yet, have the same core. One of the things I like about this particular installment is that you used words like “injected some confidence” in the actual storyline. In this scenario, she is letting her victim drink the tonic, but she could just as easily shoot her victims with poison, much like Pauley shoots hers with a gun.

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